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Обычный мультик (lit. Regular Cartoon), sometimes known as Обычное шоу (lit. Regular Show) is the Russian version of Regular Show. It first aired on 28 April 2012, on Cartoon Network Russia. The Russian dub also aired on 2x2 until sometime in 2015. The dub was mostly based on the edited UK version. Some original songs are left undubbed due to licensing problems, and some of them are looped because some parts of them overlap with the English dialogue. So far, only the first 5 seasons plus a bit of season 6 were translated. There are noticable omissions, though, like the first two Halloween specials & "The Real Thomas".


Some names were adapted in Russian. The changes in the names of the characters are:

Translated Episode Titles

This is the list of translated episode names in the Russian dub.

Original English Title Russian Title
The Power Сила
Just Set Up the Chairs Просто расставьте стулья
Caffeinated Concert Tickets Кофеиновые билеты на концерт
Death Punchies Кулачный бой
Free Cake Бесплатный торт
Meat Your Maker Месть сосисок
Grilled Cheese Deluxe Жареный Сыр Делюкс
The Unicorns Have Got to Go Единорогам вход воспрещен
Prank Callers Мастера розыгрыша
Don Дон
Rigby's Body Тело Ригби
Mordecai and the Rigbys Мордекай и Ригби
Ello Gov'nor Привет, начальник
It's Time Пора
Appreciation Day Мы это ценим
Peeps Око
Dizzy Головокружение
My Mom Моя мама
High Score Высший бал
Rage Against the TV

Ярость против теливизора

Party Pete Праздник Пит
Brain Eraser Мозгоправ
Benson Be Gone Бенсон, ты уволен
But I Have a Receipt Но у меня есть чек
This Is My Jam Это моя песня
Muscle Woman Масл-уоман
Temp Check Замена
Jinx Молчок
See You There Увидимся
Do Me a Solid Будь другом
Grave Sights

Кладбищинские истории

Really Real Wrestling Самый настоящий рестлинг
Over the Top Черезчур
The Night Owl


A Bunch of Baby Ducks

Кучка маленьких утят

More Smarter Более умный
First Day Первый день
Go Viral Как вирус
Skunked Скунс
Karaoke Video Караоке видео
Tants Подштаны

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