Cartoon Network Australia and New Zealand has censored several episodes of Regular Show. Their edits mostly originate from UK on some episodes, because CNA also has a policy for moderately explicit words, such as "crap" and "piss" but they are not counted on this page. So far, 23 episodes have been edited, and at least 57 minutes and 26.736 seconds worth of removed scenes have been documented so far. The AU and NZ edits are also used in Cartoon Network Asia as well. The list of censored scenes are as follows:

Episodes with Australian Censorship

In General

All the episodes expect for Replaced that use the word "Sucker" was removed for an unknown reason. (This edit also happens on some shows as well.)

Season 1

"The Power"

  • The flashback scene of the wizard urinating in the bushes was cut and shortened to make it look like he was relaxing.
  • When Mordecai and Rigby are singing their song to Skips, the line "Don't look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches!" is removed. It's also cut in UK and Europe.
    • As an interesting side-note, on Cartoon Network Australia, an advertisement for Regular Show included the complete line, which was then cut from the episode.
  • Shaved time: 1.65 seconds

"Just Set Up the Chairs"

  • The pan view scene of Muscle Man, Jimmy and the rest of the kids stranded on a landmass surrounded by infernos was cut.
  • Shaved time: 2.65 seconds

"Caffeinated Concert Tickets"

  • The scene when the Giant Coffee Bean quite comically squeezed coffee out of his breasts for Mordecai and Rigby to drink was cut.
  • The translator swinging the chainsaw at Mordecai and Rigby was cut.
  • "Oh, crap." was cut.
  • Much like the UK version, the reference to Fist Pump being released from jail and rehab in the concert commercial was not edited (unlike the UK, CN Australia actually kept in the "rock your 11-15 year old pants off!" line instead of changing "pants" to "jeans")
  • Shaved time: 7 seconds

"Death Punchies"

  • The word "sucky" from "He just digs with the sucky pickaxe." was removed.
  • The page from the Death Kwon Do book with the move "Pelvic Thrust of Death" was cut, as well as the quote "Some of my personal favorites."
  • Mordecai kicking Rigby in the groin in the flashback was cut. It was also cut in UK, though the UK version just used a long shot of Rigby lying on the sofa with his back to the audience to cover up the groin kick scene.
  • Shaved time: 6.3 seconds

"Free Cake"

  • The scene of Skips decaying and turning to dust was shortened to be less graphic and for time reasons.
  • Shaved time: To be added.

"Meat Your Maker"

  • The scene of the grill exploding from excessive lighter fluid and Rigby putting out the fire with a tablecloth was cut.
  • The scenes of the hot dogs cannibalizing themselves was cut.
  • Shaved time: 16.2 seconds
  • Additionally, dialogue "You pissed me off" was changed to "You ticked me off" in the U.S. due to complaints.

"Grilled Cheese Deluxe"

  • The part where the ostrich drops the baseball bat and kicks the old man in the groin was cut. This scene was also cut in UK and Europe as well.
  • Shaved time: 2.3 seconds

"The Unicorns Have Got to Go"

  • Rigby getting farted on by the Unicorns has been reduced from six times to two times.
  • Shaved time: 5.8 seconds

"Prank Callers"

  • "Your mom's like, totally starving." was cut.
  • "Jerk dish" was cut.
  • Shaved time: 1.877 seconds


  • "Touchdown sock faces!" to "Touchdown!"
  • Shaved time: To be added.

"Rigby's Body"

  • The scene where Mordecai tipped the microwave and put a large amount of junk food while Rigby ran around the room was cut.
  • The word "sucker" was removed.
  • Later, when the chase scene begins, the sentence "So long, suckers!" was muted as well. It is unknown why the first statement wasn't edited the same way.
  • Skips' scene was zoomed in.
  • Skips' breasts pumping was cut.
  • "You worm!" was muted.
  • The close-up on the kid's butt after sliding down the slide was cut. It was also cut in Latin America.
  • Every use of "Turd"/"Turds" was changed to "Plank"/"Planks".
  • Shaved time: 21.108 seconds

"Mordecai and the Rigbys"

  • Margaret wearing a t-shirt was shorten to not include Mordecai staring at her.
  • Rigby saying "Dang" and Mordecai and Rigby complaining about the shirts were cut out for some strange reason.
  • Benson saying "Holy Crap" was changed to "Holy Crud".

Season 2

"Ello Gov'nor"

  • Mordecai saying "You screaming like a flippin' maniac!" was croply changed to "You screaming like a maniac!"
    • On a funny side note to this, for some people it comes out as "Faniac" making it slightly obvious that Cartoon Network put a censor around it.
  • Shaved time: To be added...

"It's Time"

  • The two words "blood" and "guts" as well as their respective scenes were removed.
  • Rigby's line "They're just going to be talking about their feelings. Fully clothed!" in reference to Pajama Sisters 2 was cut.
  • The preview from the movie "Pajama Sisters 2" was cut. It was also cut in UK and Europe as well.
  • When Rigby and Mordecai are looking at the computer, "Pajama sucks" was missing.
  • The part in the video game (and the flashback) where the damsel in distress says "I love you Player 2" and starts tongue-kissing him was cut as well.
  • The clocks melting in the microwave was cut as well.
  • "Who's screwing around up here?" was changed to "Who's up here?"
  • Shaved time: 37.08 seconds


  • Benson saying "What the?" two times is changed to "What?"
  • Strangely, Rigby saying "What the?" was not edited.


  • Any long shots as Pops, naked, descends into the alternate dimension is cut.
  • Shaved time: 5.4 seconds

"My Mom"

  • "My Mom" has been refused to be aired on Cartoon Network Australia (including Cartoon Network Philippines) possibly because of references to bullying.

"Party Pete"

  • "Hey jerkwads, get off of the computer!" was changed to "Hey, get off of the computer!"
  • Similar to Cartoon Network Latin America's edit, the two of Party Pete's floozies dancing around Pops (with Pops getting excited) was cut, and the picture of the event was digitally removed.
  • A close-up of Party Pete's women's breasts as well as Party Pete tapping his foot was cut.
  • Also similar to Cartoon Network Latin America's edit, the scene of Party Pete crotch-humping three women from behind is cut.
  • "Suck on this, promotional ice sculpture!" was simply changed to "Promotional ice sculpture!"
  • Shaved time: 5.522 seconds

"Benson Be Gone"

  • The word "Suckers" from "Sayonara suckers!" is cut.
  • "What the?" is changed to "What?"
  • Shaved time: 0.994 seconds

"But I Have a Receipt"

  • Mordecai throwing a knife at the Pixie Sorcerer was cut.
  • Any instance with the store clerk with a sword and/or ruler through his body on-screen was cut.
  • Shaved time: 30.1 seconds

"This Is My Jam"

  • Benson freaking out and everyone else walking away was cut.
  • Before when it has aired, Rigby's dream was cut until recently.
  • Shaved time: 7.936 seconds

"Muscle Woman"

  • Rigby bumping into Starla was cut.
  • Muscle Man and Starla running towards each other while their breasts jiggling, as well as them tongue kissing at the end (with Mordecai commenting on how the whole thing was disturbing) was cut (surprisingly, the two scenes of a naked Muscle Man crying in the shower and the shot of Starla's lower back tattoo showing all the men she dated and dumped in the past weren't edited).


  • "Jinx" has been refused to be aired on Cartoon Network Australia due to the showing of blood and violence and for referencing urban legends.
  • Shaved time: 11 minutes

"See You There"

  • The word "jerks" from "When you jerks spilled soda in my face," was cut.
  • Shaved time: To be added...

"Grave Sights"

  • "Grave Sights" has been refused to be aired on Cartoon Network Australia due to the excessive horror violence (the episode is about a zombie apocalypse and the gang trying to destroy them)

"Really Real Wrestling"

  • The line "all you can think about is Benson's crank" was edited to Rigby was about to say crank before being interrupted by Mordecai.
  • Rigby hitting Mordecai over the back with a fold-out chair was cut.
  • Shaved time: 9.373 seconds

"Over the Top"

  • Most of the edits made were to conceal Skips's breasts (as they looked more like female breasts than male breasts).

"The Night Owl"

  • "If a car was a girl, would you take her on a date and try to get to second base?" was cut.
  • Muscle Man pretending to stab Mordecai to scare away one of the contestants was cut.
  • "That jerk!" was cut.
  • The close-up of the liquid nitrogen can was zoomed in, to only include the word "Liquid," in order to keep impressionable viewers from thinking that cryogenically freezing themselves is a good idea. While there has been conclusive feedback for living after cryogenic freezing, it is only limited to amphibians. If a mammal (i.e. human) tried it, then the subject would be dead from hypothermia. Although the written word "nitrogen" was censored, The Night Owl's remark at the end regarding liquid nitrogen wasn't cut, possibly due to difficulties of pronunciation and spelling.
  • The officer breaking the car window was cut.
  • "Hey, get out of the way, jerkface!" was changed to "Hey, get out of the way!" This edit caused the sentence to be out of sync.
  • Shaved time: To be added...

"Go Viral"

  • "Go Viral" has been refused to be aired on Cartoon Network Australia for unknown reasons.
  • Shaved time: 11 minutes.


  • The beginning of the scene where Skips is explaining the properties of wereskunk spray was zoomed into his face, because his male breasts looked too much like female breasts.
  • Because of the choppiness that the previous edit would make, the transition to the next scene was changed, being a reversed version of it. Its obviousness can be seen with the stink lines on Rigby freezing and the smoothness of the transition.
  • Rigby pouring the coffee on himself was cut.
  • Shaved time: To be added...

"Karaoke Video"

  • The line "Go chew on your own gumballs, Benson!" was cut.
  • Shaved time: To be added...

Season 3

"Bet to Be Blonde"

  • The blonde haired people having monstrous faces were cut.

"Skips Strikes"

  • The part where bowling balls start flying and hitting Pops, Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson was cut.

"Terror Tales of the Park"

  • Terror Tales of the Park has been refused to air in Australia due to the scary horror stories, all except for 'In The House.
  • The scene where Mordecai walks up to the Wizard's house and the cat screeches loudly was cut.
  • The part where Mordecai's head lands on the floor, after getting sliced off and saying his line was cut.

"Camping Can Be Cool"

  • The scene with Eileen breaking the car window with a rock was cut.
  • The scene where Mordecai hits the Deer Man with a lantern, causing it to explode in his face was cut.

"Slam Dunk"

  • The scene where Margaret was on her bike and her butt can be seen was zoomed to a birds eye view so no one could see it.

"Under the Hood"

  • The word "sucker" was cut.


  • Monster killing a man was cut.
  • One man killing a man with a pizza in his chest was cut.

"Death Bear"

  • The scene where Mordecai kept shooting death bear was cut to Mordecai only shooting him once.

"Fuzzy Dice"

  • Benson referring to balls dropping is cut.

"Sugar Rush"

  • After Pops, Mordecai and Rigby transport into the black and grey plane, the part showing Skips' gruesome face was cut.
  • In the scene where Mordecai, Rigby, Pops and Skips were running back to the park with the donuts, the part with them running past the tracks before the train came by was cut.

Season 4

The Christmas Special

  • The bullets in Santa's chest were removed for the reason below.
  • The first fight scene between Santa and Quillgin was edited to make Quillgin not shoot Santa.
  • Santa explaining that he was just shot and that all the details on Santa was made by advertising companies was cut.
  • Even though the above editing happened, later in the episode Quillgin tells Santa he shot him and Santa says he has a bullet-proof vest, making it confusing for british viewers.

T.G.I. Tuesday

  • Rigby laughing and getting punched is cut.

Family BBQ

  • "Your father's always thinking with his chopper," was changed to "Your father's always thinking with his helicopter."

Sleep Fighter

  • In the video, the crotch-kicking was once again cut.

Party Re-Pete

  • Benson crotch-thrusting was cut.

Season 5

Survival Skills

  • "See you on the other side!" was changed to "Anyway, in 50 years, I'd probably die of Natural Resources"

The Heart of a Stuntman

  • Rigby making gestures about Johnny Crasher's eyes was changed to him lowering his arm.

Dodge This

  • The park Dodgeball name is titled "Benson's Bomberz" instead of "Benson's Ballerz"
  • The scene when the Giant Coffee Bean gets hit with a dodgeball and coffee squeezes out of his breasts was cut.

Skips' Story

  • "The nail is driven in" was cut due to innuendo.
  • The line, "Remember, she's someone's little girl!" was changed to "Remember, we can find out where you live!" due to innuendo.
  • Klorgbane swings back his fist instead of punching Skips due to it possibly being too violent.
  • The ceiling falling on Mona was cut, however, the ceiling falling at first is not. It is just when it is seen falling on her due to it showing death.

Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys

  • "If I can't take 'em off, I can't cool 'em off! Simple Science, Bro!" was changed to "You want me to pass out from heat exhaustion? Get over it, bro!"
  • "Feel Better Now-(coughs) Feel better now, Rigby?" was changed so that she says the second line then coughs then says the complete line.
  • "We didn't wanna end up as british dirtbags" was changed to "We didn't wanna end up as losers"

Expert or Liar

  • The guy that says "You make me sick, liar!" to Rigby before punching him, is changed to him pushing him instead due to violence.
  • Rigby getting punched by the Punk Man is changed to him getting spun in the air by him due to violence.

Catching the Wave

  • "Yeah. Peachy's dead!" was changed to "Yeah. Peachy's gone!"

Take the Cake

  • "Line cutters! That cake's gonna get cut!" was changed to the woman saying line cutters again due to innuendo.

Skips in the Saddle

  • "Do you know who else likes to polish people's rocks?" was changed to "Do you know who else dabbles in petography?" due to innuendo.

Bachelor Party! Zingo!!

  • "Please! Spare my life! Take anything you want!" was changed to "Please! Not the face! Take anything you want!" due to the scene showing that Quips would risk his life to leave.
  • The sign that says "People who died trying the INFERNO CHALLENGE" was changed to "People who stopped living from trying the INFERNO CHALLENGE" for dying is deemed too inappropriate for children (It is also considerably funnier).

Season 6

Note: In Season 6, A Cartoon Network Original was added to the intro.

The End of Muscle Man

  • When telling Benson about the bucket list, a new scene is added where he says "Wait until they get a load of this surprise!" this is probably so that British children don't become scared in case Muscle Man dies.
  • When Death brings out Muscle Man on a death bed and the camera zooms into his face, instead of staying still, he points his eyes to the right and laughs a little, probably to show that Muscle Man is alright.

The Real Thomas

  • The titles was cut for this episode.
  • Whenever somebody is killed or left unconscious, a sleeping noise is heard so that Australian viewers don't think they are dead.
  • "Sweet dreams, Cartwright-" was cut due to Thomas saying it because he thinks he's dead.
  • "I see Thomas take some guy out!" was changed to "I see Thomas nap some guy out!" probably due to the man's sleeping noise being heard.
  • Every time "Russian" is used, it is changed to "Druznic" due to not wanting children to think that a Russian attack is possible.
  • The Russian writing on the sprinkler was removed, due to the version being anti-Russia. This however makes Rigby's reaction confusing for British viewers.
  • "Handcuffs! Not sure these are-" was changed to "Handcuffs? Why would a school teacher need hand-" for being strong innuendo.
  • "Oh snap! Now we're all boned!" was changed to "Oh snap! Now we're all toast!" due to innuendo.
  • Rigby gets pushed after saying "You and you and you and-" instead of being punched due to violence.
  • When Thomas explains his original life, the scene where the man holding a young Thomas, walking down a lane is cut due to it showing Russian areas.
  • "I was born on a cold winter's night in Kiev," was shortened to "I was born on a cold winter's night,"
  • "But I was abandoned as a baby and declared property of the state!" was cut due to Russia being shown.
  • Every time "KGB" is used, it is changed to "MOM" or "DSA" due to the KGB being a Russian organization.
  • Every time "Russia" is used, it is changed to "Druznia" due to the version being anti-Russia.
  • Romanoff's planning board saying "Операция Парк Лифт" was changed to it's English translation: Operation Park Lift as it was Russian writing.
  • Whenever CCCP is used, it is either changed to "Druznia" or it is just blanked out due to CCCP being common initials for Russia.
  • The poster with the star on the background saying "CCCP" was changed to just a star for the same reason as the above edit.
  • Natalia doesn't hold a pistol at all in the episode, due to it being more of a serious hostage situation.
  • On the control device, CCCP is removed and replaced with some colors due to the same reason as the other CCCP edits.
  • A fingerprint is shown on the screen when Thomas puts his finger on it for an unknown reason.
  • "Russian Anthems" on the mixtape was removed due to the version being anti-Russian.
    • Strangely, the Russian anthem used wasn't removed.
  • All of the Russian symbols coming out of the ground was cut due to the version being anti-Russian.
  • The second where a radar is shown with Russia on it is cut due to to it showing Russia.
  • The second where the park is flying towards Russia/Druznia and Pops, Skips, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost are seen was cut for an unknown reason.
  • Natalia crunching Benson's hand was cut so it doesn't show that he has broken his hand.
  • "Imperialist Thug!" was changed to "Nikolai! You traitor!" for being offensive.
  • The president slapping his butt was changed to him pointing at it instead for being innuendo.
  • "Dasividania Nikolai, you'll always be Thomas to us!" was changed to "Goodbye Nikolai, you'll always be Thomas to us!" due to it showing Russian language.'

The White Elephant Gift Exchange

  • The elf jumping onto Muscle Man's stomach was replaced with a close-up of his face scared due to violence.
  • The close-up of Muscle Man's face being punched from the left to right was replaced with a shot of his legs jumping while the elf is punching him due to violence.

Benson's Suit

  • When Richard Steve gave the explosive and a detonator to his goons and order them to detonate it with themselves it was cut, assuming the store just blew when he escaped with the suit.

Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

  • The following scene was cut.

Mordecai and Rigby: (Disgusted groan) UGH! Mordecai: (Furiously points at them) No way! Your toys suck. Rigby: (Also points) Yeah PlayCo! More like LameCo! Mordecai: (To Rigby) (Gets idea. Rigby looks at him, confused) Wait wait, (Mordecai laughs lightly) more like (looks at businessmen) PlayBlows! (Rigby sneers at them) Mordecai, Rigby, and The Baby Ducks: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! PlayCo Businessman #1: (Annoyed) Hmm... Well, (opens briefcase to show one one hundred dollar bill inside) does this Play-Blow?

Which made the next scene where Mordecai says "You think a months pay is going to change our minds?" not make any sense.

Not Great Double Date

  • Everytime the messy guy says "On the lips!" was cut.
  • The Dumpcam was edited. The toilet screen was changed to a dumpster screen.

Death Kwon Do-Livery

  • The part when Jerry said "I'm pointing to my stomach by the way" was cut.