This page is the transcript for "A Regular Epic Final Battle".

Part 1

Part 2

The Power

Rigby: Alright, Beef Burrito. I'm gonna give you one more chance to take back what you said about my mom! (A Beef Burrito doll lies silently on the floor) I'll kill you!

(He pats his elbow and jumps onto a trampoline, body-slamming the doll. He then elbows the doll multiple times, and body slams it once more. He picks up the doll and moves its arm, making it punch himself in the face. Behind him, Mordecai is calling to him)

Mordecai: Tag up! Tag up!

(Pretending to be weakened, Rigby walks over to Mordecai and high-fives him. As Rigby drinks a soda, Mordecai pulls the Beef Burrito doll away. Rigby slams the soda can onto the ground and lets out a ferocious cry. Mordecai sets the doll up next to a bed before walking away onto the shelves.)

Rigby: What?! (silence) Oh, you want us to put the hurt on you? (Mordecai grabs Rigby) I think he wants me to put the hurt on him!

Mordecai: I think he wants you to put the hurt on him!

Rigby: You think he wants me to put the hurt on him?!

Mordecai: Yes, I do!

(Mordecai & Rigby scream. Mordecai throws Rigby down onto the trampoline, launching him into the wall.)

Rigby: (in slow motion voice) Hey, wait a minute, I think we've done this before. (screams as he is still heading towards the wall. The impact leaves a large hole in the wall and Rigby ends up in a trash can.) Uuuuhhhhyyyy.... (Removes trash can) Yea-!! Hang on dude. This have happened before.

Mordecai: What? What are you talking about? No it hasn't.

Rigby: Yes it ha-! (He gasps as he remembers the scenes from The Power, Hello China, The Dome Experiment, Cool Bro Bots, Space Escape, a scene where he was burying the Blu-ray box set in the ground, and the scenes from A Regular Epic Final Battle Part 2)

Mordecai: Man, Are you okay? How hard did you hit your head?

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