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All Nighter
All Nighter Title Screen

Sponsored by

Cartoon Network

Playable Characters

Mordecai, Rigby, Electric Eel


Park Lake


Lake Monsters and Bats

All Nighter is the sixth Regular Show game by Cartoon Network and has an original story like the previous game Escape from Ninja Dojo but contains elements from "Replaced" like the Park Lake and Lake Monsters. It, unlike the others, has a credits option on the main menu and was developed by Reptile and the art was from Sandra da Cruz Martins . Like the other games this contains its own story: Mordecai and Rigby accidentally release Pops antique fireflies from his old tyme bug jar and Benson demands they catch them all or they will be FIRED!


This game involves launching Rigby into the air to capture fireflies. If you collect enough, you super charge him, which allows him to get double the fireflies and the ability to knock out bats. Another power up is the electric eel, which sends you flying up into the sky and allowing you to get some bonus fireflies. Bats steal some fireflies if collided with. It also contains a leveling system unlike the other games. You collect XP by catching Rigby before he falls into the lake, but falling into the lake will not cause you to lose a life. Like most others it has a life system. The Lake Monsters try and hinder your progress. An upgrading system is also available with the upgrades being: making the night last longer, supercharging Rigby faster, increasing electric eel time, and increasing Mordecai's speed.


  • Nothing But Net - Catch 3 Fireflies in a Single Show
  • Glow Rider - Get 1,500 Points in a Single Eel Ride
  • Bug Catcher - Achieve Level 4
  • Maximum Rigby - Max Out All Upgrades
  • Firefly Tycoon - Get 50,000 XP Overall
  • Croc Star - Defeat A Sea Monster (Mystery Badge)

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