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Benson's Family
Benson's family
Biographical Information
Occupation: Unknown
Species: Gumball Machines
Gender: Male (Father) and Female (Mother and Sister)
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Black
Relatives: Benson
Headmaster Bennet (possibly)
Show Information
Voiced by: Mark Hamill (father)

Courtenay Taylor (mother and sister)

First appearance: "Think Positive"
Latest appearance: "The Thanksgiving Special"

Benson's Family are a dysfunctional family shown in the episode "Think Positive". They consist of Benson, his mother, his father, and his sister. It is shown that Benson's father told him he wouldn't get anything he wanted if he didn't yell for it. They appeared as a semi-antagonist in a flashback, as they were the ones who encouraged Benson to yell like the rest of them. 


While listening to an anger management cassette tape, Benson has a flashback of what it would be like if he didn't yell for someone to pass the salt. He and his family are having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, with him being the only one not arguing. His mother is arguing, moaning, groaning, panicking, and fighting with his father for putting his elbows on his table while eating, and his sister is complaining that the meatballs taste funny. When Benson quietly asks for the salt shaker, the father silences the others and announces that the son has something he wants to say. Benson blushes, trying to ask politely, but his father tells him he'll never get anything if he doesn't yell for it. Then Benson is left with no choice but to yell for the salt shaker, to which his father gladly obliges. Just then, Pops rips off the roof of the house and declares Benson fired, to which Benson shouts, "NOOOOOOOO!".


They look like Benson, except that their body/heads are different shapes and sizes. For the differences, his mom has a trapezium shaped head, his father a rectangular head and his sister a pear-shaped head. His father has a wider torso and his mother has a collar-like rim where her neck would be and have a different shaped nose.


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