Big Summer Vacation Activity Book


Jake Black


May 26, 2015


Penguin Books


Hey Bro, Did Ya Know?


It's a Regular Life



Big Summer Vacation Activity Book is the twelfth official Regular Show Book. It was published on May 26, 2015.


Slacking off is twice as nice in the summertime! Big Summer Vacation Activity Book is the perfect full-color Regular Show activity guide for your summer vacation. Whether you're stuck in a car on a long road trip or playing inside on a rainy day, this 64-page summer-themed book is packed with hours of fun games, puzzles, and doodle activities featuring your favorite characters from Cartoon Network's Regular Show. Includes a sheet of stickers and punch-out postcards


List of Activities

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Freeway Maze
  3. Benson's Drummin'
  4. Muscle Man's Hairdo
  5. Fitness Challenges
  6. Party Planner
  7. Fireworks Show
  8. Designer Diaper
  9. Quips's Bad Jokes
  10. Flower Power
  11. Makeup
  12. Fool Me Twice Games
  13. Stolen Goods
  14. "World's Best Boss" Award
  15. Muscle Man's Last Meal
  16. College Life
  17. Road-Trip Planner
  18. Fill in the Blanks
  19. Rescue Mission
  20. Rock 'n' Roll Tour Bus
  21. Street Performances
  22. Sweaters
  23. Cleaning a Messy Room
  24. Time Travel to the Past
  25. Time Travel to the Future
  26. Tants and Other Weird Clothes
  27. Wilderness Survival
  28. Scary Stories
  29. Dates
  30. Stunts for Stuntmen
  31. Dodgeball
  32. Soccer Celebration
  33. Postcards from a Ghost
  34. Sinkhole Diving
  35. Rockin' Guitars
  36. Autocorrect
  37. Portrait Painting
  38. Cooling Down
  39. Video Game Smackdown
  40. Answers
  41. 8 Punch-out Postcards
  42. Sheet of 30 Stickers

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