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Boom Box Boom
S5EP2 Boom Box Boom
Characters Performed By Mordecai


Episode "Silver Dude"

Boom Box Boom is the final song by Mordecai and Rigby in the episode "Silver Dude". It is also the song that helped them win the Street Performing Competition.


You're a silver copycat

In a junky bowlerhat

Copycat-cat, copycat-cat, copycat

We're innovating, you're imitating

Stealin' our song is wrong, you ain't creating

Make your own music and don't steal ours!

Our original songs have unique powers!

Our songs come from within

Mess with us and you'll never win

Cause you're nothin' without your lame boom box

You're nothin' without your lame boom box!

Boom box boom, boom box boom

Boom box boom, boom box boom!

Ya wanna remix?


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