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BrainMax is a strange green liquid that antagonized both Rigby and Mordecai (though not a person) in More Smarter. Rigby, and later Mordecai, drink to boost their intelligence in the episode "More Smarter". Rigby ordered it off of the internet after seeing an advertisement for it. Based on its label, it is most likely green apple flavored. It appears to be the exact opposite of Rigby's creation, RigJuice, which makes the drinker less intelligent. The duo get superior intellect due to the amount they drink.


BrainMax appears to be green liquid held within a bottle. The bottle has a white cap and appears to have a label which shows a picture of a brain and scribbled words.

Effects of Consumption

Like its name, BrainMax is guaranteed to give the consumer maximum intelligence. When consumed, the person appears normal. However, the person may experience mild headaches. The mild headaches are actually pathways where all of the intelligence of the universe is flown into the brain. Eventually, the mild headaches are gone, leaving the person super-intelligent.




The exact flavor is unknown as of now, but seeing as BrainMax appeared to be green, it may give a belief that BrainMax is green apple-flavored.

In Wall Buddy, though, a bottle of BrainMax was seen on the pizza box when Mordecai said that Rigby is always trying to slack off with the easy stuff.

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