(Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are building a tile sculpture of Mr. Maellard, everybody groans)

Muscle Man: You know, guys. I'm usually one to relish my work, but today's been brutal.

Mordecai: Yeah, I feel like we've been building this honoree landscape in Mr. Maellard's likeness for forever!

Rigby: Totally! I mean, how do we even know if it looks like him!

Hi Five Ghost: I can't feel my arms anymore.

Mordecai: It looks like there's only one thing to do. Ask Benson to give us a break! Hey Benson! Can we get a break?

(Benson turns around)

Benson: A what?

Mordecai: A break!

(Benson drops his notepad and walks up to the guys)

Benson: Oh, you want a break?

Mordecai: Yeah.

Rigby: Yeah?

Muscle Man: I guess.

Hi Five Ghost: I thought so.

Benson: I'll give you a break.

(Benson walks backwards and starts breakdancing)

Benson: Break's over.

(he gets up and walks off)

Everyone: OOOHHH!!!

(Benson's eyes glow blue and the God of Breaking comes out of him)

God of Breaking: You alright, man?

Benson: Yeah, I'm good. But seriously, thanks for your help, God of Breaking, I really appreciate it!

God of Breaking: Yeah, no problem. And remember, the only way to get your employees to respect you is to be really good at breaking! (he spins around and dissolves)

End of Short

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