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Biographical Information
Occupation: Unknown
Species: Cloud Humanoid
Gender: Female
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Linda Cardellini
First appearance: "Yes Dude Yes"
Latest appearance: "Portable Toilet"

Cloudy Jay (better known as "CJ"is a cloud-like girl first seen in the episode "Yes Dude Yes". She is voiced by Linda Cardellini.


CJ has pale, white skin and cloud hair that looks like it's tied in a pony tail. She wears a reddish-orange striped tank top (goofed light orange while playing Laser Tag), brown shorts, and small boots.  In "New Year's Kiss", her cloud-hair is tinted pink, though this might have just been the lighting at the masquerade ball.


CJ is a kind individual who enjoys a lot of the same things Mordecai likes, including video games, rock bands, and general goofing off. While generally a nice person to be around, she seems to wear her feelings on her sleeve and has a hard time controlling her negative emotions; to the point where she could be violent when angry and moody when upset. Both moments she turns a darker shade then her usually white complexion (similar to a mood ring).



In "Yes Dude Yes", she first meets Mordecai at a restaurant as part of the meet-ups set by Couple Corral. There, she quickly figured out that he really wasn't interested in dating. She still wanted to hang with him and maybe cheer him up though. She eventually gained a romantic interest in Mordecai and misinterpreted his invite to the movies as him returning those feelings, though Mordecai only considered them as good friends. This hurt CJ when she caught him trying to give the movie tickets he promised her to Margaret, which leads to her attacking him, by turning into a hurricane. While Mordecai is able to talk her down, she is still hurt and doesn't think she can be friends with Mordecai at that moment so she leaves.

She briefly appeared in Mordecai's hallucinations in "Survival Skills", where he imagined her fighting with Margaret.

In "New Year's Kiss", she meets Mordecai again at the New Year's Eve party when Rigby accidentally pushes him into her, but due to it being a masquerade party, she doesn't recognize him nor does he recognize her. After a friendly conversation, CJ feels envious of all the couples kissing around her and Mordecai. Wanting to take advantage of the remaining minute of midnight, she suddenly kisses Mordecai who quickly accepts. After they take off their masks, CJ is shocked to learn that she was just kissing Mordecai and while Mordecai is busy looking at Rigby, she flees the party.

In "Dodge This", CJ has to play against Mordecai in a dodgeball tournament. Apparently they are the only people remaining on each team in the final round of the tournament. They attempt to hit each other, but the balls that are thrown hit each other and both hit them and they (Mordecai, and CJ) are sent to be shown their history after denying it. They attempt to fix things up, and are back in the game. When they are back in the game they start trying to choose who should throw first, since they are now friends. While Benson is screaming  "Finish her!" in slow-mo, and the Thunder Girls (name of CJ's team) are screaming "Finish him!" in slow-mo. They are then teleported to the IDC (Intergalactic Dodgeball Council) and are briefed of their history together including the kiss. They then return to the game and CJ takes the opportunity and wins the dodgeball tournament. However, they are still friends.

In "Portable Toilet", CJ has lunch with Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen, and gets Mordecai and Rigby in trouble after daring Mordecai to eat a sandwich in a portable toilet, whose door soon gets stuck and sent to be destroyed at a military target range.  CJ and Eileen leap into another toilet being hauled by a helicoptor and manage to save the guys, after which Mordecai notes that CJ is "pretty cool."  CJ also notes to Eileen that things have "finally stopped being weird" with Mordecai.


CJ and Eileen appear to become good friends in "Portable Toilet," when they have lunch together and team up to save Mordecai and Rigby from being destroyed in a portable toilet at a military shooting range. Eileen is even able to stop CJ from turning into a stormcloud when she starts to get upset about what's happened to Mordecai and Rigby.  At the end of the episode, they have fun using the military satellite to blow up portable toilets together.


CJ has the ability to turn into a hurricane (giant storm cloud) when she gets very angry or upset. She is shown to be able to make twisters, lightning, rain, and gale force winds when she is in this state. If she is just upset, she turns a dark brown-red color, a trait that is very similar to Benson.


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Overall: 5 Appearances


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