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Casa Del Masion is a large mansion-like building appearing in "Bet to Be Blonde". This building is where the Blonde Men live and have their secret hideout. It is seen when Mordecai packs up and drives the I-Haul truck to this place. The building was shown, and a sign on the bottom right corner was seen with the name.


The mansion was seen during the day and during the night, near the end. The exterior was a light brown or tan color, with several large windows, and three noticeable doors. It had a tiled, faded, red roof, and several other accessories/designs on the exterior. The interior was extremely large, and had a cave/hideout-like appearance. The walls were brown and rocky, and the floor was tiled. There were several hydrogen peroxide oil drums/barrels, plants, a lava trap, several other designs, and an elevator.


  • Casa Del Masion is Spanish for "Masion House".


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