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There have been many Christmas specials since 2012


  • The Christmas Special: This episode is about the story of how Mordecai and Rigby met Santa Claus, and prevented an evil elf named Quillgin from destroying Christmas.


  • The White Elephant Gift Exchange: This episode is about the guys wanting to get revenge on Muscle Man for his bad gifts at the White Elephant.
  • Merry Christmas Mordecai: This episode is about the guys going to Eileen's Christmas Sweater party, but Margaret is going to be there, and so is CJ.


  • Sad Sax: This episode isn't always counted as a Christmas Special, but at Comic Con 2014, JG Quintel said that Season 6 would hold 3 christmas specials. He was most likely referring to Sad Sax, as it is a wrap-up to the Christmas Specials, with people taking down decorations, snow and it continues with Mordecai's drama with CJ and Margaret.

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