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S5E28.011 Parts of the City 2

City is the apparent name for the location of Regular Show. As the name implies, it is simply a city. As of now, every episode of Regular Show has had City as the main location, with few episodes venturing beyond it. For Season Eight, however, Space was the main location until the finale.


The Park

  • See The Park for places in this location.


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
RCR RS Really Cool Records
Mommy Monthly Magazine
S4E36.057 Party Starters Party Starters
S5E32.032 Mordecai Dodging the Crazy Lady Fashion
S5E37.099 Mordecai Decides to Race CJ
  • Notary
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Notary Public
  • Joe's Dry Cleaning
S6E06.039 Local Temp Agency Local Temp Agency
S6E06.049 Lift With Your Back Co. Lift With Your Back Co.
S7E22.149 Box 4 Less Box 4 Le$$
S7E25.035 Omnitech Inc Omnitech Inc.


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
Coffee Shop External The Coffee Shop
S4E32.057 The Guys and Dog at Cheezers Cheezer's
Giorgio's Tower of Pizza
Sweet Petite's
Mama Phat's Soul Food
Wing Kingdom
Good Luck Restaurant
Eggscellent restaurant The Eggscellent Restaurant
Fry it Up!
"Family" "Restaurant"
Grill 'Em Up
S4E23.019 Double Dunk Diner Double Dunk Diner
S4E34.054 Candy's Donuts Candy's Donuts
S4E34.074 Hot Buns Doggery Hot Buns Doggery
Steak Me Amadeus
Jimbros Burritos
S5E12.095 The Side Line The Side Line
S5E17.01 Cafe Cafe
S5E17.37 Brick Oven Pizza Brick Oven Pizza
S5E17.41 Brick Oven Pizzanini Brick Oven Pizzanini
S5E17.43 Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini 01 S5E17.44 Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini 02 S5E17.45 Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini 03 S5E17.49 Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini on 7th St Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini
S5E17.61 Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini on Seven Grain Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini on Seven Grain
Nesbit's Burgers and Bits
S5E28.042 Take off the bun, Bert! Saul's Sammies
S5E32.011 Top Tier Cakes Top Tier Cakes
S5E32.032 Mordecai Dodging the Crazy Lady Coffee
S5E36.063 Marv's Grill Marv's Grill
S5E37.096 L' Wafflerie L'Wafflerie
S5E37.106 Rigby at the Koffee Kiosk Koffee Kiosk
S5E37.118 Mordecai and CJ Walking Down the Waterfont Wharf
S6E12.056 Boscoe's Chicken and WafflesS6E12.099 The Guys Back Inside Skips' Van Boscoe's Chicken & Waffles
S6E21.002 Gotta Make Room for a Mushvroom Gotta Make Room for a Mushvroom
S6E25.026 The Non Descript Coffee Shop The Non Descript Coffee Shop
S7E15.001 Golden Garden Chinese Cuisine Golden Garden Chinese Cuisine


Image Name Resident(s) Episode Appearance(s)
Screen shot 2011-02-27 at 3.05.24 PM Benson's Apartment
Don's House
Margaret's Apartment
S5E27.32 Death's Mansion Death's Manor
S6E20.047 The Smith Resident The Smith's House
S4E34.006 Muscle Man at Starla's Apartment Starla's Apartment
S5E21.01 Mr. Maellard's Mansion Mr. Maellard's Mansion
S5E25Eileen's House and Car Eileen's House
S6E11.054 CJ's Home During the Day CJ's Apartment
S7E06.099 Zaxon's House Zaxon's House
S7E08.089 HFG and LFG's Home Low-Five Ghost's House


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
Court House
S5E04.46thatsstrange City Impound Yard
S5E17.20 Police Station Police Station


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
S7E13.022 Arcade Arcade
S4E12.001 Cine-Plex Cine-Plex
S4E25.016 Two Peaks Mall Two Peaks Mall
Baseball Stadium
Stardust Lanes
Carrey O'Key's
Stick Hockey Arena
Videogamewizard8 Ferguson Convention Center
The Box
S3e37 fun fun zone aerial Fun Fun Zone
The Rink O Rama
S4E18.001 Convention Center S5E21.27 Convention Center Convention Center
Finding a club No Club Club
Rejected The Worst Club
S4E24.090 Horton Motor Arena Horton Motor Arena
S5E17.05 Aquarium Aquarium
S5E11.001 Power Tower Gym Power Tower
S5E15.07 Dodge Ball Tournament Location Dodge Ball Tournament Location
S5E18.58 High School Reunion Location High School Reunion Location
S5E33.021 Shark Tank Shark Tank
S5E17.55 Driving Towards the Mall Gacy's Mall
S6E03.056 The Putt Hut The Putt Hut
S6E12.110 The Park Managers' Lodge Park Managers' Lodge
S7E02.001 City Theater City Theater
S7E02.073 Just Stick It Just Stick It

Unsorted Recreational

  • Poseur Pete Memorial Skate Park


Image Name Teacher/Student(s) Episode Appearance(s)
DEATH KWON DO Death Kwon Do 
CityHighSchool City High School
S5E13.021 Johnny Crasher's Stuntman College Johnny Crasher's Stuntman College
S5E18.29 Jumpin' Jim's Skydiving Academy Jumpin' Jim's Skydiving Academy
S5E25City College City College
WestAndersonHighSchool West Anderson High School
S5E26Community College Community College
S6E02.036 South Tree High School South Tree High School


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
S4E21.067 Autobody Autobody
S4E22 Raymond's Auto Raymond's Auto
S5E01.045 Lavanderia Lavanderia
S5E01.081 Passing the Post Office Post Office
S6E06.082 Four-Star Hotel Four-Star Hotel


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
The Free Store
Grocery Store
Movieshackstore Movie Shack Hut
S4E30.012 TV Store Warehouse TV Store Warehouse
Comics Plus And More Etc.
Thrift place Thrift World
Das Coolest
Computer Help Zone!
The Party Store Party Central USA
S4E26.001 Fast n Easy Fast 'n' Easy
S5E12.109 Buck-Mart Buck-Mart
S5E12.269 Benson, Pops, and Skips Watching Television Repair
S5E17.48 TV Repair TV Repair
S5E24Gallery Chic Gallery Chic
S5E26Books, Zines and In-Betweenz Books, Zines and In-Betweenz
S5E36.029 Outdoorz & Morez Outdoorz and Morez
S6E09.040 Naughty 9 Cent! Naughty 9 Cent!
S6E11.069 Lots of Groceries Grocery Store Lots of Groceries Grocery Store
S6E16.101 Sam's Electronics Sam's Electronics
S6E18.001 The Best Tailor in the World The Best Tailor in the World
S6E23.038 House Warehouse House Warehouse
S7E06.037 Game Wave Game Wave
S7E20.069 VHS Video Store VHS Video Store
S7E20.101 Lazy Dave's VCR Repair Lazy Dave's VCR Repair


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
The Compound Establishing The Compound Establishing
Animal Shelter
S4E18.024 YZB Studios YZB Studio
S4E22 Airport Airport
S4E23.008 K.I.L.I.T. Radio Station K.I.L.I.T. Radio Station
LibraryLibrarylaserdisk Library
S5E24Hall of Park Managers Hall of Park Managers
S7E22.196 The Dam Dam
S7E24.074 City Dump City Dump


  • Slammers
  • Hospital
  • The Compound
  • The Nursery
  • County Animal Shelter
  • Casa Del Masion
  • Mortuary
  • L'petit Mort Toys
  • Land of No Rules (seen in "House Rules")
  • Corners
  • Bruno's Ristorante
  • Car Wash
  • East Pines (first seen in "Prankless")
  • Il Costosos
  • Lotto Plaza (seen in "Big Winner")
  • Mervington's
  • Computer Help Zone (seen in "Skips vs. Technology")
  • Fast 'N' Easy
  • South Of The Line
  • Cheap Cuts
  • Bank
  • Spray Crazy

Places Outside the City


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
Cart Dealership


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
S5E22.080 Ye Olde Cheezer's Ye Olde Cheezer's
S5E35.085 Wings for Real Men Wings for Real Men
S6E19.046 Hot Dog Stand Formerly the Lighthouse Hot Dog Stand


Image Name Resident(s) Episode Appearance(s)
S5E22.178 The Guardians' Place The Guardians of Eternal Youth's Realm
S5E22.110 Mona's House Mona's House
  • Mona
  • Mona's Father
  • Mona's Mother
S5E33.020 I've been waiting 200 years to hear you say that Gary's Home


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
S5E30.060 The Sheriff Station Sheriff Station


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
S5E16.26 A Military Base A Military Headquarters


Image Name Episode Appearance(s)
JoySpot Arcade
S5E27.40 Underworld Playground 01 Underworld Playground
S6E19.049 Coast Mall Coast Mall


Image Name Teacher/Student(s) Episode Appearance(s)
S5E01.147 Milten University Featuring a Protest Milten University
S5E22.014 Bennett High School Bennett High School
S5E24Mordecai's Art School Mordecai's Art School




Areas of the City


  • The city could be a major city because there are many activities to do and there are tall buildings and apartments. Plus, the park seems large.
  • Sensei has a diploma for "City Community College" in "Death Punchies".
  • In "More Smarter", Rigby attends "City High School" for a brief length of time.
  • Surprisingly, there has not been one episode where it rained in City.
  • Episodes that roam outside of City are:
  • In "Prankless", it reveals that the city is located somewhere in the central United States. It is mentioned to be in the states in The Postcard.
  • City is most likely in Southern California, or possibly Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, considering the weather and the distance to "the border" as seen in "Trailer Trashed" as well as the overall scenery around the city.
    • Also, in Rigby's Graduation Day Special, the flag of California is seen on the stage at the graduation ceremony, further suggesting that the City is in California.
  • However, the Park was a battlefield in the Revolutionary War, possibly placing the City somewhere on the East Coast.
    • Also, in Exit 9B, Skips names two highways that meet in Upstate South Carolina, further suggesting that the City is on the East Coast.

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