S6E19.049 Coast Mall

Coast Mall is a mall located near the Pacific Ocean. It has an abandoned area and a few shops and restaurants. It appeared in the episode, Gamers Never Say Die. Their motto is: Another Great Way to Shop.


The mall has glass windows and white walls surrounded with trees. The mall has numerous shops and restaurants. In the back of the mall there is an abandoned part with a video game store any many other numerous stores.



  • Cheezers to Go! (mall version of Cheezers)
  • Nesbit's Burgers and Bits (mall version of the actual restaurant)
  • Sushi
  • Chop Suey (mall version of the actual restaurant)
  • The Sannwich (sandwich restaurant)
  • Cinnabreads
  • BBQ


  • Moe's Robes
  • The Hat Kiosk
  • Video Games (formerly)


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