S2E09.094 Chrissy's Face
Biographical Information
Occupation: Assistant of Party Pete (Previous)
Species: Human
Gender: female
Hair color: blonde
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
First appearance: "Party Pete"
Latest appearance: "Party Re-Pete"

  Cris is one of the characters of Regular Show. She made her debut in the episode "Party Pete", playing the role of minor character. She is a companion to Beto Bust, along with her other companion, Janet. She then becomes a character in the background. She is currently unemployed for the deeds of The Return of Party Pete along with Janet. Unknown


She has short, blond hair, and has lips painted with red lipstick. She has black dress and low cut with white flops, and black shoes with heels, has curved eyelashes and its height is high because it was wearing the heels.


  • Looks like Ladonna because of her hair color and her body.

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