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Cupcakes of Doom is the tenth Regular Show game released on the Cartoon Network website. This game is loosely based on the episode "Fists of Justice", but it takes on a different plot.


The main storyline of the game is that Mordecai and Rigby found a recipe for "ultimate cupcakes" inside the house, and they decide to make them; however, the Guardians of Eternal Youth come and over and eat all the cupcakes, when they are suddenly hypnotized into evil beings; Klorgbane appears and reveals that he left the recipe and that the cupcakes they made possessed the guardians and they are now under his control; the only cure is the Milk of Redemption, which he has. With the help of Skips and the power of the Fists of Justice, Mordecai and Rigby must defeat Klorgbane and get the Milk of Redemption to heal the guardians.


In this game, the player will need to control three characters; Mordecai and Rigby for attacking enemies, and Skips for moving around. Skips runs automatically and only needs to be steered to the sides with the left and right arrow keys; he can also be slowed down and will back up slowly as long as the player holds the down arrow key. The player can press the space bar and either Mordecai or Rigby will punch; this can depend on if an enemy is located to the left or right.

In each level, the player's objective is to make it to the end before the timer runs out and fight Klorgbane. There are 5 levels to go through in the game. On the left is a bar showing how far Mordecai and Rigby are away from Klorgbane, and on the right is a bar for Skips' health. Along the way, possessed guardians will pop up, trying to attack, and they must be punched until they're done for. If they manage to attack, some health will be lost. There are also "dangerous" paths in most levels where the player will need to be extra careful; these paths are usually somewhat narrow with no shoulder. If all health is lost, time runs out before the player can reach Klorgbane, or the player falls off a narrow path, the game will be over; however, the level can be retried until it is beaten.

Power-ups to help the player can be collected too, including:

  • Clock for extra time
  • Fists of Justice with "x2" below it for double punch power
  • Boots for speed boost
  • Sandwich for health

Hi Five Ghost and coins can also be collected throughout the levels for extra points.

When the player reaches Klorgbane, he will need to be fought in order to complete the level. Klorgbane will fly up and down, and the player will need to hit him when he is at ground level. As a hint to show when he's coming, a shadow will appear over the path the three are on and get smaller when Klorgbane gets closer. When he is at ground level, the player simply attacks with the spacebar. When the fight begins, an icon with a milk bottle and Klorgbane's head also appears in the corner. The milk bottle fills up and the head icon's emotion changed every time Klorgbane takes a hit. Once the bottle is full, Klorgbane will be defeated and will fly away into the sky. Once all five levels have been finished and Klorgbane is defeated for the last time, the game will have been beaten.


  • Fast Fists: Make 5 hits without taking any damage
  • Speed Demon: Finish a level (make it to Klorgbane) with 30 seconds to spare
  • Who Guards the Guardians?: Beat the game
  • Untouchable Justice: Finish a level without taking any damage
  • High Five Hunter: Mystery badge (find Hi Five Ghost in every level)

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