Daphne Gonzales
S6E01.031 What did you get for question 12
Biographical Information
Occupation: High School Student (formerly)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Relatives: Mordecai (ex-boyfriend)
Show Information
Voiced by: Linda Cardellini
Appears in: "Maxin' and Relaxin'"

Daphne Gonzales is one of Mordecai's ex-girlfriends from when he was in high school.


Daphne is a human girl with light skin, shoulder-length brown hair and freckles. In her only appearance, she wears a pink t-shirt, olive green pants, and white sneakers.She also wears an ankh-style necklace (the ankh was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "life").



Daphne Gonzales is one of Mordecai's ex-girlfriends from when he was in high school. She probably broke up with him because of his mother shamed them while studying.


Daphne is a minor character that only appears in one episode. She is Mordecai's friend when the two were still in high school. One day, Daphne came over to Mordecai's house to study. Mordecai is nervous and flustered around her, but his stress only becomes worse when his mother barges into the room with snacks. She proceeds to dance and embarrass Mordecai while freaking out Daphne. Mordecai's mother then whips out a camcorder and starts recording; Daphne has had enough of her strange behavior and bolts for the door.


  • Probably the first girlfriend of Mordecai, as it is the first he takes her home.
  • Her last name "Gonzales" is better known in English-speaking countries.


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