Dear Benson is a rap song featured in the episode Hello China. This song is used in the English performance that is orchestrated by Rigby and Class 7.


Dear Benson, here's a letter we begin with

My bad (my bad)

We like to keep it formal

But livin' in the modern world

Has freshened up the normal way

Of sayin' what we wanna say

In text, e-mail and chat

And we should keep it concise

That's the price to write a letter

But whatever, s'all good

'Cause slang can do it better

Rigby: Yo, wassup Apple? You ready to break this thing down?!

Our history, you see, is study only for a test

No biggie, but like a music note we need a rest

Ahh, slang is a'ight

My straight up chillin' swagger's killin'

Street talk and it's tight

So, dear Benson, here's a letter

Where within we bust out (bust out)

Informal language livin'

Lao shi, lao-chic

Yo, don't be stressing tix

We'll help you get a boo

'Cause we know some adult chicks!

Paragraph 3, it's the summarizarion

Formal has a place, but it'll face stagnation

Slang's got a bang

It's a little slice of heaven

So, sincerely, catch you later, and peace out

We're Class 7!

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