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Sandwich of death

Sandwich of Death

The Death Sandwich is the flagship product of Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs and appears in the episode Sandwich of Death. The recipe was created in an ancient dojo thousands of years ago, and was a closely guarded secret. Eventually Sensai took the recipe and made it into a commercial product, and thus his master holds a grudge.

The sandwich, true to its name, will kill the consumer if not eaten correctly. One must wear cut-off jean shorts and a mullet in order to eat it safely. Therefore, customers of Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs must sign a waiver to not sue the restaurant if they eat the sandwich incorrectly, and against leaving the sandwich unattended for consumption by those unaware of the implications.


The sandwich is a foot long, white bread sub, with ham, meatballs and sauce. The preparation process is fairly theatrical, with martial arts-style chopping and spinning of the ingredients, and what appears to be blessing the finished sandwich. It takes roughly fifteen seconds to fully prepare.

Double sandwich of death

Double Death Sandwich

The Double-Death Sandwich, which is a double-decked version of the normal Death Sandwich is the deadliest sandwich known to mankind. Just one bite out of this sandwich will kill the consumer immediately, regardless of whether or not they have the cut-off jean shorts and a mullet. The Sensei's Master tries to kill Benson by throwing it into his mouth but, Mordecai and Rigby save him by performing The Bycicle Kick of Death a new move that they learned after the Sensei gave a note to them that had the directions for the move, after reflecting it and tossing it into the Sensei's Master's mouth, Mordecai and Rigby successfully, killed him. 


If eaten incorrectly, the consumer will suffer a deadly illness. Sufferers will undergo six symptoms over the course of six hours.

  • Their face will start to turn green and they start choking and gagging;
  • Their face will start to feel like it's on fire;
  • Their intestines melt away and leak out of their body.
  • The victim will then shriek in pain, but no one will hear them since they lose their voice.
  • They will then regain their voice, only to cry out for mercy in ancient dialects.
  • It will conclude with death.
Sandwich of life

Sandwich of Life

The only known cure for the Death Sandwich is taking a bite from the Sandwich of Life, which will cure the sufferer instantly.

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