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Drumatron VI
Drumotron VI
Biographical Information
Occupation: Unknown
Species: Possessed Radio Drum
Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Red
Relatives: None
Show Information
Appears in: "150 Piece Kit"

The Drumatron VI is a special type of gadget and is the main antagonist, along with the rock band players, in "150 Piece Kit". It can play the 150 piece drum solo. It seems to be the band's most famous member. During the concert, Mordecai and Rigby tied the Drumatron to prevent it from playing the solo. During the performance, the top of the Drumatron detaches and runs towards Benson. Benson managed to dodge its attacks and he manages to finish the solo.


The Drumatron VI appears in the episode 150 Piece Kit. It is Benson's replacement in Hair to the Throne. When Benson tries to prove to everyone that he can play the drum solo, the Drumatron attacks him to prevent him from finishing the solo. Benson managed to dodge the attacks and finish the solo.


  • He can detach from his main body, as seen in the episode [1]150 Piece Kit

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