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Biographical Information
Occupation: Coffee Shop Waitress
Species: Mole[1]
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Show Information
Voiced by: Minty Lewis
First appearance: "Brain Eraser"
Latest appearance: "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys"

Eileen is a minor character on Regular Show. Eileen is a shy, intelligent, and timid mole.[1] She works at The Coffee Shop with Margaret, better known as her co-worker and one of her really good friends, likely her best friend. She has a big crush on Rigby. Eileen first debuted in "Brain Eraser". She is voiced by Minty Lewis, who is also a storyboard artist for the show.


As said above, Eileen is a short mole with tan fur. Eileen looks surprisingly human. Her eyes are small and squinted. She has red glasses and wears the same uniform as Margaret. She has a small light brown tail and brown hair tied into a side ponytail. In "Brain Eraser", her ponytail was on the right side, in "Do Me a Solid", her ponytail was moved to the left side. In "Brain Eraser", she didn't have white in her glasses, as seen down below, but in Do Me a Solid, she did.

In the older episodes, her attire when she wasn't working was a pink shirt with ruffles around the neck and shoulders and a blue skirt.

Then she started to wear hoodies, (probably because the weather was colder at the time). One hoodie she has is a light burgundy color which is usually accompanied with green shorts. This was first seen in "Camping Can Be Cool". The other is a light purple and she usually wears blue jeans or a blue demin skirt with it; first seen in "TGI Tuesday".

She only had pupils for eyes like she did in "Brain Eraser" except her glasses were pointed down like reading glasses and she wore a purple shirt with a green oval in the middle with a small green skirt. In "First Day," Eileen also appears very different than usual.

Also, she rarely wears shoes; especially in the older episodes but lately in season 5 she has been wearing shoes more when she is not at work. Especially her red ones.



Eileen was Margaret's best friend at the Coffee Shop, when both of them use to work there. The two would get along well, and were always seen together (whenever Eileen was present). The length of their friendship is uncertain but there seems to be enough to develop a level of trust between the two. For example, in "Diary" Margaret asks Eileen to water her plants while she was away, and even lets her have the spare bedroom until she gets back (even though she forgets and asks Mordecai later). In most cases they usually get along, but there are moments when Eileen's random statements leave her wondering 'Huh?' like in "Meteor Moves" when Eileen follows up Rigby and Mordecai's creative rap with an un-catchy factual rap or in "Do Me a Solid" when she demonstrates a little fact about Sea Turtles at the golf course.

Now that Margaret is in Milton University, whether they still keep in contact with each other and have maintained their friendship is unknown. 


Rigby has been Elieen's crush ever since "Do Me a Solid". At first, Rigby didn't feel the same way and saw her as a pest. However, as the series progresses, it seems as though Rigby is getting used to hanging around Eileen. JG Quintel has noted this as an example of Rigby's growth as a character.[2]

"Camping Can Be Cool" was probably the first time they had real relations. At first, Rigby as usual doesn't warm up to the idea that the girls are going to be camping with them but it starts with Mordecai and Rigby misplacing the matches and them arguing for a bit for something to spark. Seeing that they needed a fire Eileen quickily starts one the old fashion way. Rigby compliments her by saying "Yeah, that was kinda cool" and Eileen blushes in response. Rigby being unsure of himself, creates a distraction by throwing the package of hot dogs at her and that little moment is casted aside. After having fun throught the day in the forest, later that night, they are seen playing video games on a log while Margaret and Mordecai or looking at the constellations. When Eileen hears that Mordecai mispronounced one, she corrects him, and Rigby compliments her again, causing both of them to laugh. Much later, when they are running away from the Stag-Man, Eileen throws a rock in Margaret's car window so they could have a menas of escape. Afterwards when Stag-Man sedated, Rigby compliments her one more time when they are driving home saying, "And you totally busted Margaret's window open with a rock".

In "Diary", while Rigby was revealing all of his secrets to escape Margaret's diary guardian, he mentions that he thinks that "Eileen looks hot without her glasses on." It is found out the next day that Eileen was at Margaret's apartment, watering her plants, and heard him. She shows up to work without her glasses on (catching Rigby by surprise), but ultimately ends up running into a table.

In "In the House", when Rigby is turned into a house by the wizard, a picture of Eileen can be seen on the mantlepiece in the living room.

"One Pull Up" has a lot of interaction between Eileen and Rigby and possibly hints Rigby may like Eileen back. In this episode, Eileen helps Rigby pass the last physical taskfor his annual fitness test which requires him to do one pull up to keep his job at the park. In the end of the episode, Eileen and Rigby hug marking their first hug, but it wind up crushing her bones in the process. Eileen also takes off her glasses again in this episode.

Even though "TGI Tuesday" was focused on Mordecai and Margaret, at the end of the episode, Rigby and Eileen are seen dancing with eachduring the slow dance (even though, they weren't dancing close like you would in a slow dance)

In "Meteor Moves", although he is much more tolerant of her annoying lectures on astronomy, he is really annoyed by her constant babbling, while he is trying to see if Mordecai will kiss Margaret.

In "Family BBQ", he and Eileen were seen playing cards together, hinting very friendly gestures.

In "Tants", Rigby tells the Tants Co. founder that she worked really hard to make replica Tants, which made Eileen blush, causing them to smile at each other.


Eileen seems to be good friends with Mordecai and when they hang out, it's usually with Margaret and Rigby. Like in "Camping Can Be Cool" he invited her and Margaret to go camping and they both encourage Margaret that camping can be fun. As well in "Death Bear" where he tackled Death Bear into a wall to save her. Also in "TGI Tuesday" Eileen and Rigby hint that Mordecai planned the whole party for Margaret; sort of helping Mordecai out with impressing Margaret in a way. However, Mordecai was a little annoyed with her constant babbling about astronomy in "Meteor Moves", as well as the fact that she was in between Margaret and Mordecai, when Mordecai was planning to kiss Margaret. He is also peeved when Eileen follows up Rigby and his creative rap with an un-catchy factual rap.

Muscle Man

Eileen has interacted with Muscle Man once in "Do Me a Solid" when Eileen, Margaret, and uninvited Muscle Man were having ice cream sandwiches at the house. Later in the series in "One Pull Up," she said "Muscle Man was in here earlier...", hinting that he comes to the coffee shop often. In "TGI Tuesday," Muscle Man says "hello ladies...and Eileen", and he helps her, Mordecai, and Rigby invite people to Margaret's surprise party at the "Parkside de Lux."

Tuck Packerd

Tuck Packerd was pretending to be Eileen's boyfriend to make Rigby jealous in the episode "Cruisin'." Whether they knew each other in the past or he was just a random person Margaret knew to pretend to be her boyfriend is unknown.


Both Eileen and Starla seem to be friends as seen in "The Longest Weekend" with how the two of them were shown to interact with one another, however how good of friends or how long they have know each other is unknown.


In "Portable Toilet", Eileen is shown to have become friends with CJ already. When Mordecai and Rigby go missing, she calms CJ down and they both go to rescue the two together. They both share a passion for testing out military equipment and from the episodes "Yes Dude Yes" and "Camping Can Be Cool" they both enjoy playing video games too (even though they haven't been shown playing video games together).


Major Appearances

Minor or Mentioned

Overall: 27 Appearances

Eileen-Themed Content


  • In "Camping Can Be Cool" it is revealed that she's good at camping because of a phase she was going through, where she got lost in the woods a lot.
  • She is allergic to duck dander.
  • Eileen always walks barefoot.
  • In "Brain Eraser" her glasses were clear inside and she had black frames but afterwards, the insides were changed to white and she the black frames were replaced with red ones.
  • "Access Denied" is the only time (besides First Day) that Eileen wears her hair differently; completely down without the side ponytail, slightly wavy
  • Before Margaret left for Milton University, "One Pull Up" was the first and only episode that you saw Eileen present and she is not accompanied by Margaret
  • In "TGI Tuesday" she is seen dancing in both "free style" and ballet.
  • In "Tants" it is shown that she can sew pretty well as she helps make Mordecai and Rigby replacement pairs of tants. It is also mention in "New Year's Kiss" when Rigby asks her what her New Year's Resolution is when she states "...I'd like to work on my craft log more..." 


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