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Eileen Roberts
Biographical Information
Occupation: Coffee Shop Waitress
College Student
Species: Mole
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Show Information
Voiced by: Minty Lewis
First appearance: "Brain Eraser"
Latest appearance: "I See Turtles"

Eileen Roberts[1] is a recurring character in Regular Show. She's a waitress at The Coffee Shop, attends City College, and is known for having a big crush on Rigby. Eileen is also voiced by storyboard artist Minty Lewis.


Eileen is a shy, intelligent, and timid mole.[2]


The character of Eileen was pitched and created by then-new storyboard artist Minty Lewis. While Lewis was pitching jokes and lines for the character, Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel thought her natural voice was perfect for the character: "...Minty’s voice, just her natural voice, was so perfect for that character! She [wrote] one of the very early episodes with Eileen in it, and she had some really funny jokes in the way she pitched it. [It was] just the way her voice sounded – she [had] to be that character! We even tried an actor, but it just wasn’t playing funny. [So] we were like, "OK, let’s see if Minty wants to do it." She said yes and it really worked out. It’s a great character and [Minty’s voice] totally fits that character’s personality."[3] In another interview, Quintel further elaborates: "Oh, that's [Lewis' voice] so awkward. But, that was just her voice, that's just how [pitching Eileen's quotes] she did it. We were like, 'You wanna be Eileen? You gotta be Eileen."[4]

Lewis describes getting to be able to voice the character as "pretty crazy".[4]



Eileen making her debut in "Brain Eraser." Notice her less-detailed eyes, different colored-glasses and simpler hairstyle.

As said above, Eileen is a short mole with tan fur. Eileen looks surprisingly human. Her eyes are small and squinted. She has red glasses and wears the same uniform as Margaret. She has a small, light brown tail and brown hair tied into a side ponytail. During her debut in "Brain Eraser," her ponytail was on the right side. In "Do Me a Solid", her ponytail was moved to the left side. In "Brain Eraser", she didn't have white in her glasses, as seen down below, but in Do Me a Solid, she did.

In the older episodes, her attire when she wasn't working was a pink shirt with ruffles around the neck and a blue skirt.

In more recent episodes, she started to wear hoodies. (Probably because the weather was colder at the time) One hoodie she has is a light burgundy color, which is usually accompanied with green shorts. This was first seen in "Camping Can Be Cool". The other is a light purple, and she usually wears blue jeans or a blue denim skirt with it, first seen in "TGI Tuesday".

She only had pupils for eyes like she did in "Brain Eraser," except her glasses were pointed down like reading glasses and she wore a purple shirt with a green oval in the middle with a small, green skirt. In "First Day," Eileen also appears very different than usual.

Also, she rarely wears shoes, especially in the older episodes. Lately in season 5, however, she has been wearing shoes more when she is not at work, especially her red ones.


Love Interests


S6E10.152 Rigby Kisses Eileen on the Cheek

Rigby has been Eileen's crush ever since "Do Me a Solid". At first, Rigby didn't feel the same way and saw her as a pest. However, as the series progresses, it seems as though Rigby is getting used to hanging around Eileen. J.G. Quintel has noted this as an example of Rigby's growth as a character.

"Camping Can Be Cool" is probably the first time they had real relations. At first, Rigby (As usual) doesn't warm up to the idea that the girls are going to be camping with them. The alliance starts with Mordecai and Rigby misplacing the matches and them arguing for a bit about what they can use to spark the fire. Seeing that they needed a fire, Eileen quickly starts one the old fashioned way. Rigby compliments her by saying "Yeah, that was kinda cool" and Eileen blushes in response. Rigby, being unsure of himself, creates a distraction by throwing a package of hot dogs at her, and that little moment is cast aside. After having fun throughout the day in the forest, later that night, they are seen playing video games on a log while Margaret and Mordecai are looking at the constellations. When Eileen hears that Mordecai mispronounced one, she corrects him, and Rigby compliments her again, causing both of them to laugh. Much later, when they are running away from the Stag-Man, Eileen throws a rock in Margaret's car window so they could have a means of escape. Afterwards, when the Stag-Man is sedated, Rigby compliments her one more time when they are driving home, saying: "And you totally busted Margaret's window open with a rock".

In "Diary", while Rigby was revealing all of his secrets to escape Margaret's diary guardian, he mentions that he thinks that "Eileen looks hot without her glasses on." It is found out the next day that Eileen was at Margaret's apartment, watering her plants, and heard him. She shows up to work without her glasses on (Catching Rigby by surprise), but ultimately ends up running into a table.

In the episode "In the House", when Rigby is turned into a house by the wizard, a picture of Eileen can be seen on the mantlepiece in the living room, indicating he has her on his mind often.

"One Pull Up" has a lot of interaction between Eileen and Rigby and possibly hints that Rigby may like Eileen back. In this episode, Eileen helps Rigby pass the last physical task for his annual fitness test, which requires him to do one pull up to keep his job at the park. By the end of the episode, Eileen and Rigby hug, making it their first hug. Unfortunately, it winds up crushing Eileen's bones in the process. Eileen also takes off her glasses again in this episode.

Even though "TGI Tuesday" was focused on Mordecai and Margaret, at the end of the episode, Rigby and Eileen are seen dancing with each during the slow dance. (However, they weren't dancing close like one would in a slow dance)

In "Meteor Moves", although he is much more tolerant of her annoying lectures on astronomy, he eventually becomes irritated by her constant babbling when he is trying to see if Mordecai will kiss Margaret.

In "Family BBQ", he and Eileen were seen playing cards together, hinting very friendly gestures.

In "Tants", Rigby tells the Tants Co. founder that she worked really hard to make replica Tants, causing Eileen to smile his way, and Rigby to smile back. This episode shows that even though she has a huge crush on Rigby, when it comes to things she has a passion in, (In this case, sewing) she's doesn't play around and takes things really seriously. She even went as far as punching Rigby in the arm for cutting crooked.

In "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys", Eileen shows her inner "fan-girl" when her pupils grew wide as she watched Rigby rub his face with a glass of cold water. While probably still in her mind drift, she speaks in a deeper tone, asking him "feel better now?" On the other side of the spectrum, when all seems lost for Mordecai and the Rigbys, Eileen is able to motivate Rigby about bringing the band back together. The fact that they could sit down and have a conversation where he isn't disgusted and/or annoyed by her shows that their relationship has grown a little by this point of the series.

In "Video 101", Eileen's crush on Rigby kind of gets in the way of her making a music video, and results in her giving up her control of being the boss of her project. However, she bounces back when she sees the horrible job Mordecai and Rigby did editing the video. On a side note, Eileen and Rigby share a high five...almost, she winds up missing his hand and falling to the ground.

By the time that Mordecai is dating CJ, Mordecai bails on having "bro time" with Rigby. As a result, in the episode "Play Date", Rigby is shown to be visiting Eileen's house. Even though the duo were just watching a movie on her computer, the fact that he was hanging out with Eileen and not where we would expect him to be (ex. Muscle Man's trailer) shows a connection (like in "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys") slowly building between the two.  

In Skips in the Saddle, Rigby mentions to Skips that he is going over to Eileen's house to see her new rock polisher, to which Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost reply with an obnoxious "Oooooooo." Irritated, Rigby responds that he's hanging out with her just as friends. Later that night, Mordecai teasingly asks Rigby if he put his arm around Eileen's polisher. Rigby, embarrassed by the question, replies with his infamous catchphrase: "Stop talking!"

In the episode "Real Date", Rigby and Eileen worked together to help Mordecai and CJ exchange gifts to each other. In the process, they set up a nice romantic setting for Mordecai and CJ at the waterfront (while hiding really close behind a crate and metal structure), and Eileen got to share a tender moment with Rigby while he ate some chocolate covered waffle cake. He said that he loved it and Eileen responded "I thought that you would", copying the same phrase CJ and Mordecai said to each other when Mordecai gave her the charm bracelet.

In "Daddy Issues", there is only a small moment between them at the end when CJ throws the 'Cut The Chezzers' card in the lava of the volcano. Rigby bends on his knees grieving over the lost of the card that would permit them to cut in the at Cheezers whenever they wanted. Eileen then kneels next to him and tries to console him and saying that she would wait with in line at Cheezers...But then she goes to say in a whisper "I'll wait". At first, it sounds creepy but it could be that she was signifying something else. That being that she would wait for the day that he likes her back.

In "Terror Tales of the Park IV[2]" When Eileen gets shot with ball lightning Rigby screams her name and helps walk her the rest of the way to safety, noting that he really cares about her.

In the episode "Lift With Your Back", Eileen is seen supporting Rigby throughout his whole ordeal of lifting boxes for his new job Lift With Your Back Moving Company for a week. You first see her on Day Two of his job when he visits the Coffee Shop. Seeing that his back was ' mangled ' and ' ropy ', she gives Rigby a back rub/massage while he lets out his frustration on how his back hurts from lifting the wrong way. Due to his current condition, Eileen thinks that he is working in a ' toxic work environment '. However, she still supports his decision to keep at it until he gets his paycheck. She even gives him back rubs during his working hours on Day Four of his new job. But on Day Five (pay day), she is worried about him so she brings Mordecai along so he could lend Rigby a hand on his final moving task (which is to unload an entire truck full of boxes by himself). Despite how impossible this task would be for him, he declines Mordecai help because he still feels betrayed. Even though some of the items were things like sand, concrete ten gallon hats, sculptures made from free weights, and a car he managed to unload them all except for the cast iron sand. Seeing that he was struggling with it, Mordecai pleads for him to stop while Eileen on the other hand says "Enough of this. I know you're useful. Now lift with your back so you could get that paycheck". Using her words as inspiration to push his limits, he grows a six pack on his back, lifts the final box out of the truck and receives his paycheck.

In "Eileen Flat Screen", Rigby, Mordecai, and CJ watch Eileen win a modern dance competition at her college; in which she wins a new flat screen TV. Since Eileen had to go to work immediately after the event, Rigby offered to drop the TV off at her house. But after she left, Rigby adds that he will surprise her by installing it for her. This surprises CJ and Mordecai, (since it might be the first time he was ever willing to do work for someone besides Mordecai or Benson.) to which he responds "This might be the nicest thing you've ever done". When they get to her house, Rigby happens to mention that he knows where Eileen's house keys were because he watered her plants when she was out for a dance invitational. He also makes it known that since he doesn't want to hang by himself, he hangs out with Eileen while Mordecai is with CJ (one of those time being a trip to the Renaissance Fair). Once the television is up, they face a problem of finding an outlet; in which CJ suggests that they move Joanne's plug down for space. After Joanne goes ballistic and steals Eileen's TV, Rigby grabs Joanne's television and states that "If she messes with Eileen's flat screen, then [they're] going to mess with her animatronic". They then chase her down to a bridge where Joanne is about to throw Eileen's television over the side. Rigby tries to reason with her but in the middle of his speech, Joanne calls Eileen a "no-respect, mooch-wad" and Rigby for a split second tenses up but he calms himself so he could convince her to spare the TV. Even though things seemed to be resolved after that, Joanne throws the TV anyhow but he saves it using his utility whip. Once that situation is over, Eileen comes home and is greeted by her friends, a mounted flat screen, and news that Joanne isn't going to be her roommate anymore. As a bonus, Rigby planned ahead and ordered pizza for them to enjoy, but he still asks to burrow money from Mordecai to pay the pizza guy. After laughing at that, Eileen states that "If this is normal, then I'm happy with normal". That's when Rigby and Eileen share a friendly gaze for a moment, then they go and split up to prepare to eat pizza.

In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", Eileen throws a sweater party for the holidays while inviting everyone including Rigby, Mordecai, CJ, and Margaret. While Mordecai and CJ's relationship gets a little shaky because of Margaret's appearance during this episode, Eileen and Rigby's bond flourishes a bit more. The first time when you see a hint of this is when you see Rigby trying to wrap a gift for Eileen which turns out to be a mistletoe disco ball. The second small gesture occurs when Mordecai notices people kissing under the disco ball. So he decides to tease Rigby for being chicken for not kissing Eileen because of the mistletoe in her hair. So to prove that he wasn't chicken, Rigby kisses Eileen on the cheek. Judging by Eileen's reaction, they had both grown more comfortable around each other because he didn't shy away from kissing her and she didn't faint or go into a daze. She just blushed slightly. It also means Rigby holds the same crush Eileen holds on him.

In "I see turtles" Rigby is seen giving Eileen a piggy-back ride. Later in the episode, when Eileen is sad about the capture of the turtles Rigby gets mad and helps her free the turtles.



Eileen and Margaret are shown as best friends like Rigby is to Mordecai. The two would get along well, and were always seen together (whenever Eileen was present). The length of their friendship is uncertain, but there seems to be enough to develop a level of trust between the two. For example, in "Diary," Margaret asked Eileen to water her plants while she was away, and she even let Eileen have the spare bedroom until she got back (even though she forgets this and asks Mordecai later). In most cases they usually get along, but there are moments when Eileen's random statements leave her wondering 'Huh?'. An example of this would be in "Meteor Moves" when Eileen follows up Rigby and Mordecai's creative rap with an un-catchy factual rap, or in "Do Me a Solid" when she demonstrates a little fact about Sea Turtles at the golf course.

Most of the time, we've seen the duo working together at coffee shop as waitress, but when Margaret transferred to Milton University, Eileen has been working at the Coffee Shop by herself. How well their friendship has been is unknown during the time that Margaret was been away. But when she comes back to Two Peaks in the episode "Merry Christmas Mordecai", we find out that she is staying with Eileen as her new roommate so Margaret could finish her degree by working at the local news station.

While Margaret has been staying at Eileen's house, in "I See Turtles" you see that they still acquaint with one another since they are still good friends


Eileen seems to be good friends with Mordecai, and when they hang out, it's usually with Margaret and Rigby. For example, In "Camping Can Be Cool," he invited her and Margaret to go camping, and they both encourage Margaret that camping can be fun. Another example of this would be in "Death Bear," where he tackled Death Bear into a wall to save her. In "TGI Tuesday," Eileen and Rigby hint that Mordecai planned the whole party for Margaret; sort of helping Mordecai out with impressing Margaret in a way. However, Mordecai was a little annoyed with her constant babbling about astronomy in "Meteor Moves", as well as the fact that she was in between him and Margaret when he was planning to kiss Margaret. He is also peeved when Eileen follows up his and Rigby's creative rap with an un-catchy factual rap.

Muscle Man

Eileen's first encounter with Muscle Man was in "Do Me a Solid," when her, Margaret, and an uninvited Muscle Man were having ice cream sandwiches at the house. Later in the series, in the episode "One Pull Up," she said "Muscle Man was in here earlier...", hinting that he comes to the coffee shop often. In "TGI Tuesday," Muscle Man says "hello ladies...and Eileen", and he helps her, Mordecai, and Rigby invite people to Margaret's surprise party at the "Parkside de Lux." After that, their next encounter was in "Portable Toilet", where Eileen and CJ catch Muscle Man relaxing in a portable toliet when they were looking for Mordecai and Rigby, who were trapped in another one. Muscle Man recognizes her immediately (but not CJ) and is embarrassed.  

Tuck Packerd

Tuck Packerd was pretending to be Eileen's boyfriend to make Rigby jealous in the episode "Cruisin'." Whether they knew each other in the past or if he was just a random person Margaret knew to pretend to be her boyfriend is unknown.


Both Eileen and Starla seem to be friends as seen in "The Longest Weekend" with how the two of them were shown to interact with one another, however how good of friends or how long they have know each other is unknown.


In "Portable Toilet", Eileen is shown to have become friends with CJ already. When Mordecai and Rigby go missing, she calms CJ down, and they both go to rescue the two together. They both share a passion for testing out military equipment, and from the episodes "Yes Dude Yes" and "Camping Can Be Cool," they both enjoy playing video games too (even though they haven't been shown playing video games together onscreen).

In "Video 101", despite how much Mordecai and Rigby try to take over Eileen's music video project, CJ still tries to hint at her that she should make it her own way. This shows that she is being supportive of Eileen's opinions.

In "Take the Cake", Eileen and CJ help Mordecai and Rigby make a cake. Throughout the episode, they are seen helping each other.

In "Tent Trouble", Eileen and CJ are seen going to work together. They also plan on going camping with Mordecai and Rigby later, hinting that they may already be close friends.

In "Real Date", Eileen urges Mordecai and CJ to go on real date since they are a real couple now. When the day of the date arrives, CJ seems hesitant because she can't think of something to make the date a night to remember, in other words amazing. So after CJ thinks of giving Mordecai a dessert, Eileen notifies her of the new bakery that specializes in chocolate covered waffle cakes. Later in the episode, Eileen is seen again helping CJ get her gift from the bakery that Mordecai bypassed then calling CJ to meet at the waterfront where Rigby and Eileen set up a surprise for them. Eileen did a lot to help CJ out on her first real date with Mordecai; showing how solid their friendship is.

In "Sad Sax", Eileen is eating pizza at CJ's house while watching Dracula with Rigby and CJ. This small scene shows how good their friendship is because even though there is some tension going on with CJ when it comes to Margaret and Mordecai, she chooses not to put one friendship over the other and still has no problem hanging out with CJ.

In "I See Turtles", Eileen invited CJ, Rigby, and Mordecai to watch baby sea turtles on the beach at sunset. While they are on this trip, CJ overhears Eileen talking to Rigby about how she wishes that all of them could be friends; meaning having to exclude Margaret from activities they have, just because of a misunderstanding that happened at the sweater party. Even though CJ doesn't like the fact that Mordecai and Margaret kissed at the party, she feels bad that Eileen is caught in the middle of this. And later in the episode, she puts her issues aside and call Margaret just to save the turtles for Eileen. At the end, Eileen appreciates this and is so happy that all of her friends are there that she brings CJ and Margaret into a big hug; even though that was awkward for both of them.


Major Appearances

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Minor or Mentioned

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Overall: 50 Appearances


  • In "Camping Can Be Cool," it is revealed that she's good at camping because of a phase she was going through where she got lost in the woods a lot.
  • She is allergic to duck dander, as revealed in "A Bunch of Baby Ducks."
  • Eileen usually walks barefoot.
    • However, in "Access Denied," she wore red shoes. She wore those same red shoes again in "Tants" and "Portable Toilet." She also wore white shoes in "TGI Tuesday" and in "Play Date".
    • So far, 98% of the time, she is barefoot when she wears her coffee uniform (other times would be when she went camping, when they went to the meteor shower, and when she was in her plaid shirt in Video 101). When she is seen wearing more outfits other than her uniform, (around season 5) she starts to wear shoes more.
      • More casual outfits (like the hoodie) would be accompanied by her white shoes.
      • When wearing more dressier attire, (like her pink shirt with the white lace around the neck and her black dress) she would have her red ones on.
  • In "Brain Eraser," her glasses were clear inside and she had black frames. Afterwards, the insides were changed to white and the black frames were replaced with red ones. Look above for an image of Eileen in her debut.
  • Eileen likes to dance, revealed in "TGI Tuesday," she is seen dancing in both "free style" and ballet. Also, in "Video 101", she takes it a step farther and choreographs her own music video.
  • In "Tants," it is shown that she can sew pretty well, as she helps make Mordecai and Rigby replacement pairs of tants. It is also mentioned in "New Year's Kiss," when Rigby asks her what her New Year's Resolution is.
  • Several things about Eileen were revealed in the episode Video 101:
    1. She attends college.
      1. She also never failed a class before
    2. Her last name is revealed to be Roberts.
    3. She owns a car, and knows how to drive.
  • Eileen doesn't have a television in her house, as mentioned in the episode "Play Date".
  • In the episode "Take the Cake," it is shown that Eileen has exceptional baking skills.
  • In the episode "Skips in the Saddle", it is revealed that Eileen has a rock polisher.
  • Eileen used to have a roommate named Joanne that lived in her house.
  • Eileen hides her house keys under a clay turtle on her front lawn.
  • Upon looking closer at her feet, they appear to have two toes each.
  • She never appeared in season one.
  • She and Margaret are roomates as of "Merry Christmas Mordecai".
  • Eileen debuted in "Brain Eraser".


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The gallery for Eileen can be viewed here.


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