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This article is about the movie. For the episode, see Ello Gov'nor.


Ello Gov'nor is a 1982 British movie about the British Taxi. It appears in the episode of the same name.


Ello Gov'nor box art
A driver of the British Taxi is murdered by gang members, and the driver's soul possesses the taxi. Immediately, the taxi goes around town, running over people and using its grill to chew them up. Bones of the slain come out the exhaust pipe. The taxi says "Ello gov'nor!" before striking. The movie ends with the death of the driver avenged.


  • Despite the fact that the plot says the taxi murders gang members, the taxi seems to take its revenge out on random people of different age.
    • However it could be that the people he killed were the gang members who killed him.
  • The year 1982 was the year J.G. Quintel was born. There are several episodes with the year 1982 as a cameo.
  • The movie is possibly based off the 1983 movie, Christine or the 1977 movie, The Car, as both have killer cars, and in The Car, a woman is killed by the car when it drives into her home, similar to the scene with the woman in the bathroom.
  • Apparently one track was reused from the 2005 film War of the Worlds right before the taxi struck the middle-aged man.
  • The film is in black and white, although it was made in 1982. This effect could have been used to make the movie appear creepier than what it actually was.
  • This can also be a reference to the Monty Python "Killer Car" sketch.

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