Employee Handbook


Christa Roberts


6 February 2014


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 Employee Handbook is the third official Regular Show book. It was published on February 6, 2014.


DUDE! Welcome to the Park! Here in the UNofficial Employee Handbook, you'll find all the answers questions to all the questions answers about your job. I am pleased to welcome you to a community of happy, healthy and thriving employees. Working together, we can achieve anything we set our minds to! Take pride in yourselves, your jobs and your park. Everything you need to know forget about working in the park is here, in this handy lame, easy-to-follow reference book.*

  • The management reserves the right at any time and for any reason to change Park guidelines, without further notice.

This book would be a total yawn without OUR interpretation!



  1. Contents
  2. Welcome
  3. Conversation 1
  4. Working in the Park
  5. Conversation 2
  6. Mutual Respect
  7. Respect the Park
  8. Timekeeping
  9. Employee Behavior
  10. Paid Holidays
  11. Conversation 3
  12. Vacation Request
  13. The Firing of Mordecai and Rigby
  14. The Hiring of Mordecai and Rigby
  15. A Note from Benson
  16. Employee Opinion Survey
  17. More People!
  18. Money, Money, Money
  19. Conversation 4
  20. Expectations
  21. Complaint Forms
  22. The Park Dress Code (and Other Things Employees Need to Know About Working in the Park)
  23. Conversation 5
  24. More Important Stuff
  25. Conversation 6
  26. Appreciation Day
  27. Park Policies
  28. 8 Things You Will Never Hear Come out of Benson's Mouth
  29. Rigby's Top 5 Slacker Excuses
  30. Confidentiality: Information About Releasing Employee Records and Information


  • This is the first in-color Regular Show book.

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