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Employee Profiles is a special feature on Regular Show: The Best DVD in the World *At this Moment in Time.


Mordecai- Mordecai's profile states he's best friends with Rigby. He loves video games, free food, working at the park with his friends, and when Benson is gone so they can chill out. It also states if he could do one thing it'd be going on a date with Margaret and if that ever happened you'd likely hear a very loud "YEEAAAAAHHHH!"

Rigby- Rigby's profile states he's a hilarious slacker and works his hardest at getting out of work. It also states he's not smart, but he's a great friend and loyal and dedicated no matter what. It states Rigby could write a book about not working, but he wouldn't read it because that'd be too much work.

Benson- Benson's profile says he's the no-nonsense park manager, he spends most of his day yelling at Mordecai and Rigby, but deep down he loves them like family. It also states Benson's secretly an awesome drummer and use to play for Hair to the Throne which makes him sort of cool to Mordecai and Rigby.

Pops- Pops' profile states he technically runs the park, but he's too sweet to ever tell anyone what to do or how to act. It also states he's much happier excitedly chasing butterflies and looking for a "Good Show!" Pops also drives a flying car which has nothing to do with owning the park, but is sweet.

Skips- Skips' profile states he's like everyone except he's an immortal yeti who knows how to fix everything and serves as the bodyguard for the Council of Giant Babies. But he's still totally like everyone else.

Muscle Man- Muscle Man's profile states he's a shirt twirling meathead who loves pranking people with whoopee cushions. It also states he has a soft spot and would do anything for his girl Starla. Including fighting a crew of waiters at a fancy restaurant. And you know who else would punch a waiter in the face? His Mom!

High Five Ghost- High Five Ghost's profile states he's Muscle Man's partner in crime and doesn't talk that a lot. But when he does it's usually profound and just something agreeing with Muscle Man. It also states he's a great friend to have because that hand on the top of his head is always ready to slap you five.

Margaret- Margaret' profile states she's the ideal woman for Mordecai and she's into Rock and Roll, scary movies, and hanging out with the guys. She works at the coffee shop and Mordecai is so cool that she'd hate that kind of line. Which is why he'd never say it...unless she wanted him to.

Eileen- Eileen's profile states she's a nerdy friend of Margaret who also works at the coffee shop. Eileen may come across as kind of nerdy, but she's just a really smart lady who references turtles. It also states Eileen is lovable and just wants Rigby to give her a hug.

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