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Father Time
Biographical Information
Occupation: Time Master
Species: Deity
Gender: Male
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Alan Sklar (It's Time)

Fred Tatasciore (Regular Show: The Movie)

First appearance: "It's Time"
Latest appearance: "Regular Show: The Movie"

Father Time appeared in the episode, "It's Time." He is a being constructed completely of clocks and wears a purple hat. He was angry that Mordecai was the one microwaving all of his clocks or "limbs." He has a very deep voice, and is able to materialize wherever he pleases. All of his possessions are invisible, and he got mad at Mordecai for "wrecking his living room," which was also invisible. He forces Mordecai to reflect on his jealousy to Rigby; at first, he said that Mordecai must stay at the end of time forever but then decides that house guests really annoy him and he lets Mordecai start over again. He tells Mordecai to ride the "time pony" back to the present, and to get out of his dimension. He also appears in Regular show : The Movie as the guy working in the gas station where he gives Rigby the advice to apologize to Mordecai for lying to him. He also showed slow bits of decay as time was being erased. Unlike his first appearance, his voice sounds higher.


He is made of many different types of clocks and he wears a purple hat somewhat resembling that of a state trooper.

Episode Appearances Edit

Major Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit

Movie Edit


  • One of his digital clocks reads 4:20, as a reference to stoner culture.
  • Some of his clocks show different times from each other.
    • This may be because of the different time zones in the world.
  • Another character in Regular Show who has invisible items is Park Avenue.

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