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Fist Punch
Fist Punch

Sponsered by

Cartoon Network

Characters Playable

Mordecai, Rigby


Bistro en le Parc, Casa Del Masion, Night Owl Museum


Bistro en le Parc Employees, Maitre d', Blonde Men, Museum Guards, "The Night Owl"



Fist Punch is the seventh Regular Show game on Cartoon Network. In the game, Death Kwon Do masters Mordecai and Rigby chase the Night Owl, who is holding Margaret hostage. The game is a combination of the episodes "The Night Owl" and "Death Punchies".


There are two characters you can play with throughout the game. Mordecai and Rigby are the two playable characters, with a special two-player mode to play together with friends. The controls are: M to attack, N to dash, W, A, S, D/ Up, Left, Down, Right. The dash can be unleashed by hitting enemies, then you can attack nearby enemies as you continuously press N. If you lose all your life, you can revive yourself using credits. If your health gets too low, you can replenish your character by getting a powerup.

Playable characters

  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Mordecai and Rigby


  • The Best Around - Beat the game with Rigby
  • Bistro Brawler - Beat Level 1
  • Death Combo of Death - Get a 20-hit combo with Mordecai
  • Like a Boss - Defeat a Boss without getting hit
  • Death Kwon Duo - Dash with both players at the same time
  • Triple Threat - Mystery Badge


  • Bistro en le Parc is spelled as Bistro in the Park in the game in French.
  • Casa Del Masion is named Lair of The Blondes in the game in Spanish.
  • Night Owl Museum is named Museum, 4224 A.D.
  • The leader of the Blondes, the boss of the second level, is named Cyclops.
  • You can only get 4 credits throughout the game.
  • This is the second time Death Kwon Do is seen.
  • Hot Dogs are powerups in the game.
  • The badge "Like a Boss" is a reference to a meme and a song with the same name.

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