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(A strange red meteor is heading toward earth. It passes two planets and goes toward earth. Meteor's eyes open. Cut to the house, where Mordecai and Rigby are playing video games.)

Mordecai: You missed!

(Mordecai knocks out Rigby's character)

Mordecai: Aw yeah!

Rigby: Whatever, dude, I don't care, cause I got all day to beat you because we got the day off!

Both: Aww Yeah! (high fives)

(Skips enters)

Skips: Hey, guys you busy?

Rigby: Yeah, Skips, we're playing Alley Fight Dudes.

Skips: Oh, cause I was wondering if I could cash in this coupon you gave me for my birthday.

(Zooms in on coupon)

Skips: It says you will do all my jobs for a day.

Rigby: What? I don't renember writing that.

Skips: It's from six months ago.

(Flashbacks to Skips' birthday party)

Muscle Man: (laughs) Open it, Skips, open it!

(He takes off his shirt and spins it, )

(We pan over to Mordecai and Rigby.)

Rigby: Aw, man. Did you get Skips anything for his birthday?

Mordecai: No, did you?

(Rigby shakes his head)

Mordecai (continued): We gotta get him something!

Rigby: But we don't have any money! And it's too late.

Mordecai: Dude. Birthday coupon.

(Mordecai picks up coffee cup from napkin and writes)

Mordecai: (While Writing) Mordecai and Rigby promise to do all Skips' chores for one day. BOOM!

Rigby: Aw, man! I don't wanna do Skips' chores for the day!
Mordecai: Dude, we have to get him something! Besides, no one ever uses these things anyway.
Rigby: Good point.

(Both walk up to Skips)

Mordecai: Hey, yo, Skips, my man! We went all out on this one.

(Flashback ends)

Rigby: Oh yeah. UUUHHH! Can't we just do it some other day?

Skips: Sorry, fellas, I've been saving this for today.

(We zooms in on Skips)

Skips (continued): I have something very important to do, that if I can't get to because you guys didn't do my chores, the whole world could come to an end.

Rigby: UUUHHH! Okay! We'll do your work!

Mordecai: Yeah, Skips. We got it.

Skips: Thanks guys. (Hands paper to Mordecai) Here's a list of my jobs for the day.

(Mordecai and Rigby look through the list.)

Mordecai and Rigby: (Looks at paper) Aw, What?

Rigby: Seriously?

Skips: Best gift in the world.

(Skips walks away)

Mordecai: Uuhh. This is brutal.

Rigby: I know. I'm not doing that.

Mordecai: Well, dude, we have to. Do you want the world to come to an end?

Rigby: Yeah, right. That's just what you say if you want somebody to do something.

Mordecai: (Shrugs) Cmon, dude, let's just get this over with.

(Montage begins. Mordecai mows the lawn. Then we see he has sunglasses on. Rigby is next to him wearing goggles and has a metal detector. They check off mowing the lawn on list. Next they are planting trees. They plant a tree. They cross off doing that job. Next Rigby is cutting wood and Mordecai is retiling the floor in the bathroom. They check it off. Mordecai uses a chainsaw to cut wood while Rigby uses a wood chipper. They carry wood to the cart. They check it off.)

(They are raking)

Both: (Throw down rakes) Yea! (They high-five)

Mordecai: Dude, that's the fastest we've ever finished anything!

(They walk on path)

Rigby: Hey man, when we're done, do you want to grab some sodas and play Alley Fight Dudes?

Mordecai: Yeah. That sounds good. The only thing we have left to do is that we have to move Pops' harpsichord.

Rigby: Nice.

(Cuts to Pops' room)

Mordecai: (picks up harpsichord) Alright. 1, 2, 3!

(They Both Lift, but it is really hard to lift)

Rigby: Dude! Let's just call Skips!

Mordecai: No, man! Cmon! You can do this! Go go go go go go! Go!

(They carry out of Pops room and down the stairs. Harpsichord makes noises. The harpsichord is too big to go through door.)

Mordecai: Cmon, Rigby. Keep pushing!

(Still can't get it through)

Rigby: Dude, it's stuck. I'm calling Skips.

Mordecai: NO! We made him a promise. We are not calling Skips.

(Benson drives near the house in the cart)

Benson: Hey! What are you two doing? I thought that was Skips' job.

Mordecai: We were just-

Benson: You know what, I don't care. Just get it out of there, it's a fire hazard.

(Benson drives away)

Mordecai: Dude. We gotta call Skips.

(Cuts to a candle with a red glow, then shows Skips meditating around many candles. His phone rings, and Skips ignores it. It has Mordecai and Rigby leave a voicemail.)

Voicemail: This is Skips. You know what to do.

Mordecai: Skips! Skips! We need your help. The harpsichord got stuck in the doorway.

Rigby: Yeah, Skips, it's stuck! You gotta help us! Benson said it was a fire hazard!

Mordecai: Yeah, it's a fire hazard. Pick up the phone, Skips!

Both: We know you're home, Skips, pick up the phone, Skips! (Skips is getting angry) We know you're home Skips, pick up the phone, Skips!

Skips: ALRIGHT! (Picks up phone) I'll be right over.

(Back at house)

Skips: Alright, What did you guys do.

Mordecai: We were trying to move it and it got stuck.

Skips: Alright, on three, I want you guys to push. I'm gonna try to pull it through, alright? 1, 2 3, HUUUUH!

(Everyone pushes)

(Rigby notices the top part was blocking it)

Rigby: Oh, it's stuck on this thing.

(He takes it down, and the top lands on Skips' fingers)

Skips: AAAAAH!

Rigby: Man, I'm sorry, Skips!

Skips: Dooh, haaa! (He tumbles back)

Mordecai: Skips, are you alright?

Skips: This is bad.

(Skips lifts up broken fingers)

Rigby: Are pinkies supposed to bend that way?

Mordecai: Well, at least it was your last chore for the day.

Skips: No. You don't understand!

(Out of the blue, Gary's truck comes from the air and flies toward the ground. The door opens and Gary comes out.)

Gary: SKIPS!

(Everybody walks up to him)

Gary (continued): Skips, the time has come once again for you to fight Klorgbane the Destroyer

Mo: Wait a minute, is that what you have to go do? You gotta fight somebody?

Rigby: Yeah, who's Klorgbane?

Mordecai: Skips. you can't fight anybody with your hands like that!

Gary: What's wrong with your hands?

Skips: Uh...

(He hides his broken fingers.)

Skips (continued): Nothing, Gary.

(He laughs nervously.)

Skips (continued: I'm fine.

Gary: Are you sure?

Skips: Yeah, I'm sure. Come on, Gary. Let's go.

(They teleport inside the car and drive off.)

Rigby: Dude!

Mordecai: We gotta make sure he's okay come on

( Mordecai and Rigby chase and get into the truck)

Rigby: Dude, where's this thing going?

Mordecai: Do you really have to ask?

(Gary's car flys into the blue and teleports to the Guardians of Eternal Youth's Realm, where the Guardians of Eternal Youth are waiting for Skips)

Gary: Guardians of Eternal Youth, I bring you the mighty Skips.

(Skips kneels.)

Reginald: Skips, another one hundred-year cycle has passed. Thank you for once again saving us by fighting the dark one, Klorgbane the Destroyer. Brothers, let us unleash the Fists of Justice.

(Guardians of Eternal Youth shoot a hole in the ground and the fists of justice appear and are connected to Skips arms)


(Mordecai and Rigby run to Skips.)

Mordecai: Skips wait!

Skips: What are you doing here! I told you to stay at the park!

Mordecai: We're here to help!

Skips: Would you forget about the coupon. you can't help me with this! now get out of here!

(Strange red meteor from the beginning crashes onto the realm.)

Reginald: Klorgbane!

(Klorgbane looks up to the Guardians of Eternal Youth)

Guardians of Eternal Youth:  AAAHHHH!

(Klorgbane flies upwards)

Klorgbane: Hello, my brothers. I have returned once more to claim my right for place of the council.

Reginald: Never! You're evil Klorgbane.

Klorgbane: Then after I defeat Skips I shall destroy you all!

Reginald: You will never defeat Skips, Klorgbane.

Klorgbane: We will just have to see about that, won't we?

(Klorgbane pulls out a red spike on a stick)

Guardians of Eternal Youth: AAAHHHH!

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