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Fist of Justice
The Fists of Justice were seen in the episode "Fists of Justice." Skips uses them every time he has to fight Klorgbane. When Skips used them in Fists of Justice, he was hurt by the pain every time he threw a punch, because Rigby accidentally closed Pops's harpsichord on his hands, forcing Mordecai and Rigby to take Skips' place and fight Klorgbane instead. In "Exit 9B", The Guardians of Eternal Youth grant Skips the Fists of Justice to fight the antagonists on the highway, but they were destroyed by the No Rules Man when he poured water on them. In "Skips' Story," the Guardians of Eternal Youth first made the Fists of Justice so that Skips (formerly known as Walks) could defeat Klorgbane for them. He was the only mortal that ever stood up to Klorgbane before, and couldn't defeat him with his bare hands. In "The Key to the Universe" the Fists of Justice were mentioned by Skips.


They were seen as big golden gauntlets with several designs and bolts in it. It was carried on a large rack, or obstacle. It also had some switches and buttons inside to control the gauntlets' actions.


The Fists of Justice bear a resemblance to The Maximum Glove.


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