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S4E20.105 Shinehara Introduces Oh My Gosh, Uh, and What The
Fool Me Twice
 (full name: かつて私をだます、あなたに恥、二度私をばか、私はあなたの顔をパンチ, which translates to Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, I Punch Your Face!) is a Japanese game show that Mordecai and Rigby watch, as seen in the episode Fool Me Twice. When the show has a contest to invite American contestants, Mordecai and Rigby call in to try to compete, much to Benson's dislike, and all three of them get sucked into the game show.  


The game starts with the contestant being asked a series of questions. By fooling the host twice, the contestant has to complete an obstacle course called the Baka Blitz in 10 minutes (which only Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson have ever done). If time runs out or the contestant surrenders, the host will punch the contestant in the face. It turns out that the host can be fooled three times. In the event the host is fooled a third time, he is compelled to punch himself in the face. By completing the Baka Blitz, the contestant(s) wins the Mystery Prize.


Challenges Image
S4E20.166 Danger Hop S4E20.167 The Guys Jumping on the Platform
S4E20.172 Bumper Ballz S4E20.173 The Guys VS. Shinehara Mascot
S4E20.180 Sumo Slide S4E20.181 The Guys Going Down the Sumo Slide
S4E20.186 Death Tube S4E20.187 The Guys in the Death Tube
S4E20.190 Ball Fall S4E20.192 The Guys Avoiding the Bumper Obstacles
S4E20.194 Tennis Ball Blast S4E20.195 The Guys Dressed as Tennis Rackets
S4E20.201 Buttock Shock S4E20.202 The Guys Going Through the Buttock Shock
S4E20.206 Rhino Giddy Up S4E20.207 The Guys on Rhinos
S4E20.211 Gutinator S4E20.214 Mordecai and Rigby Getting Hit By Tennis Balls in the Gut
S4E20.228 Terror Taikos S4E20.231 Benson at the Terror Taikos


  • This game show is hosted by a Japanese man named, Mitsuru Shinehara, and an "Announcer Bot" as his co-host.
  • "Baka" is a Japanese word that translates to "idiot", "fool", or "jerk" in English. In this context it would probably mean fool, due to the name of the episode, game show and its objective.
  • This show may be a reference to the reality show, I Survived a Japanese Game Show.
    • As such, the show borrows elements from various Japanese game shows, such as the "Baka Blitz" being heavily based on shows like Ninja Warrior and Wipeout.
  • The only contestants shown there besides Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson is a man named Clive.
  • Of all the contestants in the history of the game show, only Mordecai, Rigby and Benson are able to finish the game.
    • ​Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson and one other contestant are the only people to survive in the game.