This is the transcript for the short Fun Run.

(Mordecai, Rigby and Pops are working, Pops is laughing)

Pops: Oh! (he sees a man running) Mordecai! Rigby! Why was that man running? Nobody seems to be chasing him!

Rigby: I don't know, Pops. Why does anyone do anything in this crazy world?

Mordecai: He's probably on a fun run, you know? Just running for the fun of it!

Pops: Fun run? (his eyes inflate) Run for fun!

Rigby: Hey Pops, hand me that other bag of mulch, will you? (silence) Pops?

(we move over to where Pops was, but his hose is just spraying water all over the ground)

(We cut to Pops tying his shoes, putting on headphones and switching on a tape called Beloved Musical Jams)

("I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls plays as Pops runs, Mordecai and Rigby wave at him, he passes Skips and Benson, who look at him and smile, he passes Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost, Fives waves, but Muscle Man salutes and swings his shirt, Pops starts running through a load of streets, Frank Smith is in Chopper 6, he puts his thumb up to Pops, who then puts his thumb up to Frank, we see smoke come from Pops' shoes, revealing the other park workers, in 80s costumes and playing instruments, Mordecai is singing, Rigby is on the guitar, as well as Muscle Man, Skips is on the keyboard, and Benson on drums, a light comes out of Skips' eyes, then Mordecai blows and it transfers into the next scene, where Pops is still running, a woman in a red car passes him and winks, then drives forward as her scarf blows towards Pops, Pops runs passed multiple people, we then see Pops running in the rain, a rainbow shines through the clouds, Pops looks up and smiles, he runs up the rainbow and appears in space, then runs down the rainbow, we cut to Pops, still running, but very tired, he rubs his eyes, and gets faster, we then cut back to the other park workers, still playing "I Ran", we see Eileen dancing too, Skips then pulls an Overdrive lever, and everybody jumps, as the screen freezes, breaks up and cuts back to Pops, animals, such as a deer, eagle and wolf pass Pops to give him food and drink, day turns to night as Pops grows a beard, Pops is then seen running on a boat passing the Statue of Liberty in New York, then he runs up and down the Grand Canyon, and passes Mount Rushmore, where the Faces of the Past Presidents widen their eyes and watch Pops, he is then seen running out of a restroom, on an exercise machine, Pops is then seen running across some mountains, as more people follow him, Pops reaches a dock, where he stops running, spreads his arms out, and gets carried away by a flock of seagulls, a man widens his eyes while staring at him, all of Pops' clothes then come flying off in the wind, and his shorts hit the man in the face, as we see Pops in the distance being carried away, the song ends, everybody walks away, and the faces of the park workers appears at the side of the ocean)

End of Short

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