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Not to be confused with Future Mordecai and Future Rigby.

Future Mordecai
Biographical Information
Occupation: Unknown
Species: Blue Jay
Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: J.G. Quintel
Appears in: "House Rules"

Future Mordecai is a character featured in "House Rules".


Future Mordecai appeared in the episode "House Rules". As his name implies, he is from the future. He came because, according to the No Rules Man, there was no rule that said he couldn't be there. He has not appeared in any other episodes so far.


He looks like normal Mordecai, except he's fat and is missing his top feathers. He also has a white beard and a mullet-like hair style. When Mordecai met him he said, "I used to be so cool looking!" which implies that he missed his past self.


  • He mentioned him missing Rigby, which could imply Rigby died, they drifted apart, or some other thing happened.
  • He shouldn't be confused with the Future Mordecai from "Mordecai and the Rigbys," as that future is now non-existent.
  • This might be what Mordecai's future self ended up being since he gave up lip-syncing in "Mordecai and the Rigbys".
    • If this statement is true, than that means the duo's future was dependent on the band.
  • This could also be the future if Mordecai continued a life without rules, not what he is definitely going to be like.
    • If this is true than it might mean something will only happen to Rigby if they continue to live without rules.
  • It is highly possible that Mordecai didn't forget what his future self told him about Rigby, and after "House Rules" is stuck with the knowledge that 'Rigby may die', as hinted in "Under the Hood".
  • He was killed by the unicorns when he was ran over.

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