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Game Night!


Brandon T. Snider


June 26, 2014


Penguin Books


Regular Show Mad Libs


Benson's Big Book of Freak-outs!



Game Night! Quips' Book of Questions, Quizzes & Games is the fifth official Regular Show book. It was published on June 26, 2014, the same day that Gold Watch premiered.


Hi! It's me, Quips, Skips's cousin. It's game night, and I am here to make you laugh! I am also here to test your knowledge with this awesome book of activities, games, and puzzles, all based on your favorite characters from Regular Show. But you'll have a lot more fun if you laugh! Zingo! Wait, I didn't get to finish my punchline...



  1. Rigby Rules!
  2. Mordecai, Cool-de-cai
  3. Mordecai & Rigby: Best Friends Forever
  4. Comedy Corner
  5. Drawsome Break!
  6. Skips: Cousin 4 Life
  7. The Best Night of My (Quips's) Life
  8. How to tell Jokes
  9. The Benson-a-tor
  10. Pop Goes the Pops
  11. Muscle Man & Friends
  12. Who Said it?
  13. Comedy Corner 2: The Funny Returns
  14. Drawsome Break!
  15. Hello Ladies!
  16. Comedy Corner 3: Funny Forever
  17. Wild Cards
  18. Death Kwon Do
  19. Who are You?!
  20. Answer Key
  21. Final Score

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