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Garrett Bobby Ferguson Sr.
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Biographical Information
Occupation: High Score holder
Species: God-like
Gender: Male
Relatives: Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. (son)
Show Information
Voiced by: Sam Marin
First appearance: "High Score"
Latest appearance: "Gamers Never Say Die (poster)"

Garrett Bobby Ferguson, Sr. (G.B.F.), also incorrectly referred to as Giant Bearded Face or Giant Beardo Face, is the main antagonist who appears in the episode "High Score" and is from outer space. He was also the universe record holder for an arcade game called Broken Bonez. That is, until he was dethroned by Mordecai and Rigby which caused him to die in an explosion of goo. He is a parody of the world renowned videogame highscore champion Billy Mitchell, who currently holds the record for playing a perfect game of Pac-Man. Garrett also appeared in the episode "Video Game Wizards", as a bronze statue. It's also likely that The Ferguson Convention Center was named after him.

He is the secondary antagonist of the episode Exit 9B. His son, Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. revives most of the villains in the past episodes, including his father. But, all the park workers signed the petition to save the park and all the villains including the two G.B.Fs went back to the portal.



Mordecai is Garrett Bobby Ferguson's rival and enemy since "High Score".


Rigby is also Garrett Bobby Ferguson's rival and enemy since "High Score ".

Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr.

Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. is Garrett Bobby Ferguson's son. They seemed to have quite a close relationship as seen in Exit 9B but Garrett Bobby Ferguson also seems to expect a lot from him, saying at the end of the episode that he broke the universe record for disappointing your father even when he was so close to killing Mordecai and Rigby before his son exploded into goo and he went back through the portal.


G.B.F. appears to be a giant floating human head with long, brown hair, and a beard, who can grow normal sized human arms and legs. His face closely resembles that of Billy Mitchell, an electronic sports player who has been claimed by some as the, "greatest arcade-video-game player of all time" for achieving the first perfect score in Pac Man.


  • He may have owned the Ferguson Convention Center before he died.
  • He is nicknamed "Giant Bearded Face" by Mordecai and Rigby and "Giant Beardo Face" by Mordecai, since his initials are GBF.
  • In "Yes Dude Yes", Mordecai said to CJ, "...his head just exploded, like, blam!" He is most likely talking about GBF (Garrett Bobby Ferguson).
  • Although he stated in "High Score" that he never had a wife, he is revealed to have a son, likely meaning that his son was born out of wedlock.
  • In "High Score", it is arguable whether or not Mordecai and Rigby are better than him in Broken Bonez despite the two beating his universe record, because they played as a team while he was just by himself.

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