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Biographical Information
Home: East Pines Park
Occupation: Manager of East Pines
Species: Vending machine
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Show Information
Voiced by: Kurtwood Smith
First appearance: "Prankless"
Latest appearance: "Welcome to Space"

Gene is a vending machine who is the park manager of East Pines. He's also Benson's rival but they later become friends. His fate after the finale is unknown.


In the episode "Prankless", he tries to destroy the Park by having a huge prank war, but he is defeated in the end by Muscle Man, who uses mirrors to prank Gene in the East Pines watch tower.

He reappears in "The Christmas Special". He helps the park workers get to the lava pit quicker by holding off Quillgin so he can't get through. However, Quillgin and his men had taken Gene to the watch tower and tied him up with rope. He then proceeded to turn Gene facedown.

He later appeared in Dodge This, which had him being beaten at dodgeball by Benson and the others.

He reappears again in "Thomas Fights Back". According to Benson, he and his goons steal the statue of Curtis Montgomery from the park every year. The guys then used their alien costumes to make them surrender, but Gene found out it was just Benson and the guys in their outfits. He ordered his men to fire, but luckily, Thomas fired a flare into the sky in order to save the gang. Later, Thomas pretended to become an intern named Nicholas in order to get the Park's statue back. He stayed at East Pines for thirty days in order to complete his mission. Gene later found out that Thomas removed the batteries of his walkie talkies, cut the wires on the cart, and cut the emergency phone wires. Thomas also used Gene's voice on his phone to tell one of his men to open the gate, and Thomas, along with the rest of the park employees, managed to escape with the statue.

During the event of ''Welcome to space'', he and the entire East Pines Park are launched into space to join the Spark Initiative.


Gene is a green vending machine with a green hat. Since he is a vending machine, snacks are seen through a glass window. Like Benson, he has an overcast brow and a very large triangular nose.

Episode Appearances

Major Apperances

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven


Minor or Mentioned

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight

Overall Appearances: 12


  • Gene is the park manager of the East Pines Park.
  • In "The Christmas Special", he reveals his family in a photo at Christmas with his wife and child.
  • Gene also made a cameo in one of the paintings in the Hall of Park Managers in "Bad Portrait."
  • He seems to have one major role every season.


Season Three


Season Four

"The Christmas Special"

Season Five

"Dodge This"

"Bad Portrait"

"Thomas Fights Back"

Season Six

"Park Managers Lunch"

"Men in Uniform"

Season Seven

"The Parkie Awards"

"Benson's Pig"

"Chili Cook-Off"

Season Eight

"Welcome to Space"

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