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God Of Street Performing
Biographical Information
Occupation: God of street performing
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Wayne Knight
Latest appearance: "Silver Dude"

The God of Street Performing is a character that came to life when Rigby and Silver Dude were fighting. He devised a Street Performing Competition to settle the rivalry. After Mordecai & Rigby won, he sent Silver Dude to Street Jail, and helped the duo buy the video game, which they all enjoyed. 


  • He can send people to "Street Jail" by putting them into an inivisible box, and turning them into a mime.
  • Hates it when street performers copy off of other street performers. 
  • He's voiced by Wayne Knight, who is known for voicing Al in Toy Story 2.


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