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"Grave Sights"
Season 2, Episode 19
Production code: 219
Premiere date: May 9, 2011
Directed by: Mike Roth
Written &
storyboarded by:

Calvin Wong

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Grave Sights is the nineteenth episode of season two (and thirty-first episode overall) of Regular Show. It premiered on May 9, 2011 and received 1.926 million views.


Mordecai and Rigby accidentally raise the dead during a movie night in the cemetery.


Benson is telling everyone they can get a paid day off if they come up with a good idea to help pay for damages to the park. Mordecai and Rigby come up with an idea to have a scary movie night in the abandoned and trash covered cemetery, while Muscle Man thinks they should have a sports night. Benson however chooses Mordecai and Rigby's idea over Muscle Man's. The movie Mordecai and Rigby get is called Zombocalypse (3D Director's Cut); then at the movie, about 140 people show up.

In the middle of the movie, Mordecai pushes Rigby over because of him getting scared and he hits the 3D movie projector, knocking the tape out. When Rigby puts the tape back in, he puts it in backwards, damages the tape and somehow wakes up the dead who were resting in the parks nearby cemetery. Using Muscle Man's sports equipment, Skips, Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost kill all the zombies, while the customers believe it is part of the movie. One strong zombie whose name was Howard "Hellion" Fightington (1880–1923) comes out after all the others have been defeated. He is killed when Mordecai and Rigby ram him with a golf cart, which explodes and burns down the screen. Benson tells the two that they get the paid day off, and they should do the exact same thing tomorrow. Mordecai then asks if they could have the day off tomorrow. Benson didn't have an answer to his question.


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Minor Characters

  • Zombies (semi-antagonists)
  • Movie Shack Hut Employee
  • Zombie Slayer
  • 80's Electronics Store Employee (cameo) 
  • Zombocolypse 3D Boss (Antagonist on movie only)


Grave Sights Screen 018
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