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Hans & Lars
S8E13.027 Lars and Hans
Biographical Information
Home: Space Tree Station (previously)
Occupation: Space Racers
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde (Hans)

Brown (Lars)

Show Information
Voiced by: D.C. Douglas (Hans)

Matthew Mercer (Lars)

Appears in: "The Space Race"

Hans & Lars are two minor characters in Regular Show. They first debuted as antagonists in the Season Eight episode, "The Space Race". They were the space racers for the Space Tree Station but joined the Space Bush Station after Colonel Rawls replaced them with Mordecai and Rigby as the new racers for the Intersection 5000 and they were mad at this change.








  • They have German accents.
  • They were killed in The Space Race because they did not jump out of the pit in time.


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