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This page is the image gallery for Hi Five Ghost.

Season One

"Just Set Up the Chairs"

"Caffeinated Concert Tickets"

"Death Punchies"

"Free Cake"


"Rigby's Body"

Season Two

"Appreciation Day"


"My Mom"

"Rage Against the TV"

"Party Pete"

"Benson Be Gone"

"But I Have a Receipt"

"This Is My Jam"

"Muscle Woman"

"Temp Check"


"See You There"

"Do Me a Solid"

"Grave Sights"

"Over the Top"

"The Night Owl"

"More Smarter"

"First Day"

"Go Viral"

"Karaoke Video"

Season Three

"Skips Strikes"

"Terror Tales of the Park"

"Slam Dunk"

"Cool Bikes"

"Rap It Up"

"Under the Hood"

"Fortune Cookie"

"Skips vs. Technology"


"Gut Model"

"Big Winner"

"The Best Burger in the World"

"Trash Boat"

"Fists of Justice"

"Muscle Mentor"

"Trucker Hall of Fame"

"Out of Commission"

"The Best VHS in the World"


"Fuzzy Dice"

"Sugar Rush"

Season Four

"Exit 9B"

"Starter Pack"

"Terror Tales of the Park II"

"Pie Contest"

"150 Piece Kit"

"Bald Spot"

"Guy's Night"

"One Pull Up"

"The Christmas Special"

"TGI Tuesday"

"Firework Run"

"The Longest Weekend"

"Sandwich of Death"



"Carter and Briggs"

"Skips' Stress"

"Trailer Trashed"

"The Last Laserdisc Player"

"Country Club"