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Hot Dogs
Hot dogs
Biographical Information
Species: Hot Dogs (processed meat)
Gender: Male and Female
Relatives: Each other
Show Information
Voiced by: J.G. Quintel
Sam Marin
Mark Hamill
William Salyers ("Exit 9B" only)
Tim Curry (leader)
First appearance: "Meat Your Maker"
Latest appearance: "Exit 9B"

The Hot Dogs are the main antagonists of the episode "Meat Your Maker". They were just like normal hot dogs, only they were alive and desired to eat other living creatures who consumed hot dogs. Rigby found them in the meat locker when he and Mordecai were looking for hot dogs after Rigby accidentally destroyed the gourmet hot dogs Benson bought for the barbecue.

The leader tricked Rigby by saying that it was their destiny to be taken to a barbecue so they could be eaten. When everyone was about to cook them, though, they captured Mordecai, Benson, Pops, and Skips and began marinating them in barbecue sauce, saying that they were going to eat them and explaining they wished to do so as revenge for all of their brethren that had ever fallen to the barbecue.

When they were about to capture Rigby, he sprayed one of them with mustard. This prompted the other Hot Dogs to eat the mustard-covered Hot Dog, which was when Rigby found out their weakness was mustard, since they liked the taste. Rigby then sprayed the rest of them, resulting in the Hot Dogs cannibalizing each other until not one survived. Afterwards, Benson and the others were tricked by Rigby into believing that they were the gourmet hot dogs that Benson had ordered online the day before and that it was Benson's fault (not Rigby's).

They were voiced by J.G. Quintel, William Salyers, Sam Marin, and Mark Hamill, while the leader was voiced by Tim Curry. The Hot Dogs got revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in the episode "Exit 9B", but got sent back to the afterlife after Thomas signed the document that made the Park a historical landmark.


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