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Hurl Hurlbutt
S5E29.030 Hurl Hurlbutt
Biographical Information
Occupation: Surfer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Show Information
Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith
Appears in: "Catching the Wave"

Hurl Hurlbutt is the main antagonist who appeared in Catching the Wave

In Catching the Wave

He first appears at the City Beach, where he and his friends notice Pops unable to get on his surfboard. He starts making fun of him, calling him Mondo Cabezo. When he goes for a primo surf, he tells "Mondo" to stay out of their way, but he refuses. When Pops tries to pop up, he ends up in wipeout, colliding with Hurl and his friends. They drive Pops away from the beach, along with all the other surfers.

Later, when Pops sneaks out of bed to try and catch a wave on his wave machine, Hurl and his friends are already there and notice this. Pops tells Hurl that this is his wave. They start surfing around Pops, but his friends arrive to help him. They knock the three surfers off the wave, but Hurl and his friends decide to call for reinforcements by performing "The Ancient Call of the Surfers". When all the surfers arrive, they start attacking the groundskeepers. When Pops goes to ride the wave, Hurl cranks the machine to 11, making the wave bigger. Hurl is shocked to see that "Mondo" is hanging onto the wave, and tells his associates to get him off. When the groundskeepers try to stop him, he cranks the machine to "Gnarly to the MAX" before getting punched by Mordecai. He breaks the controls in the process, leaving the machine stuck. When he see the "ultimate wave", he stops his surfer friends, as the wave could be suicide. He then decides to let "Mondo" handle it.

When Pops successfully rides the wave and becomes one with nature, Hurl is stunned. He eventually decides that the wave was a bust, and the three surfers leave to get some fish tacos, only to be crushed by some dolphins from Pops's newfound bond with nature.


He wears a black and red swimsuit and black swim trunks. He also carries a white surfboard. He has light brown hair and a rough goatee. He is also muscular.


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