(Episode starts with Eileen telling Mordecai, Rigby and CJ about some turtles)

Eileen: And that concludes my interpretive dance piece asking if you want to watch baby sea turtles hatch tonight at sunset.

CJ: Whoa! Who can pass that up? I'm in!

Mordecai: If we're going to be at the beach,that means we can go camping!

Rigby: Do you know what goes with camping and beaches? Buh-buh-buh-buh-bonfires!

All: Sea Turtle Hatching Beach Bonfire Party!

(cuts to Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen and CJ in a car driving to the Beach)

CJ: Where do we turn off next, Eileen?

Eileen: (while looking in her bag) Hold on, let me check the directions! (finds some trail mix) Trail Mix? Oh no! This is my recreation bag! I left the directions in my school bag by mistake!

Rigby: (Takes the trail mix from Eileen) Wump-wump! (eats the trail mix)

CJ: Remember Eileen, if we get lost, moss always grows on the south side of the tree!

Eileen: North side. No worries, I know exactly where I left the directions. (gets her phone and calls Margaret) Hey Margaret, are you at home now? (Mordecai's and CJ's face look embarrassed) Oh great! You see that bag on the counter? It has directions to Sunset Cove in it. (switches to CJ's worried face) Can you read them to me? Uh-huh! No, we already passed that! Slight right on left-hand road or-(Rigby is annoyed)

Rigby: Gaaah! This is taking forever! Just put her on speaker! (puts Margaret on speaker and puts Eileen's phone next to CJ)

Margaret: Did you get that, Eileen? Eileen? (she isn't answering) Eileen, are you there?

Eileen: Uhh, yeah. Yeah, I got it.

Margaret: Oh Good. If you get lost, just remember, moss always grows on the south side of the tree!

Eileen: North side.

Rigby: That's hilarious, CJ just said the same thing!

Margaret: Wait, am I on speaker?

CJ: I see the turn, no more directions, bye!  (turns Eileen's phone off)

(they have arrived at Sunset Cove)

Stan: Welcome to Youth Topia!

Mordecai: Uh, thanks? Can we go through?

Stan: Your membership cards please!

Mordecai: Oh, no. We're not members, we just wanna go down to the beach and-

Stan: (gasps) Non-members!

Blond Youth Topia Leader: Who's a non-member, Stan? Is it these guys? This is a private spa! Get outta here, non-members!

Rigby: We just wanna have a Beach Bonfire Sea Turtle Hatching party!

Stan: Aw! These simple non-members are kinda cute when they're mad!

(the two leaders laugh)

CJ: Come on, let's park more further down so we can hang at the beach. (drives away)

Blond Youth Topia Leader: Did you hear them say all that stuff!? (continues laughing)

(the car parks at the beach, they get out some equipment and Rigby even gives Eileen a ride down to the beach on his back while laughing)

Eileen: Here! (Rigby falls over) Can you believe it? Turtles for generations have been laying eggs in this sand! (Rigby has some sand in his mouth, so he tries to yell)

(scene cuts to the evening)

Mordecai: These tents are pretty cool, when they're not smashed to bits!

CJ: I know, right! Well I think it's about time we get our snack on!

Mordecai: I think Eileen's got some snacks in the cooler!

CJ: Nice!

(CJ walks to the cooler and picks it up while Rigby and Eileen are picking up some wood)

Eileen: Remember, only dry wood, Rigby!

Rigby: Dry-shmy, big diff! (Eileen sighs) What's got you down? We're doing a turtle thing! Woo!

Eileen: It's just, I wish Margaret could be here.

Rigby: Why didn't you invite her? Oh yeah-the whole Christmas kiss thing with Mordecai!

Eileen: I get why CJ doesn't like Margaret, but Margaret's my friend! I don't know, I just wish we could all be friends.

(CJ looks down and runs to Mordecai)

Rigby: We got wood! Huh! (throws it on the ground)

Eileen: It's almost time for the turtles to hatch! We gotta find their nest!

CJ: Me and Mordecai will go get some more firewood. Come on Mordecai! Let's go!

Rigby: But we just got some!

(CJ is walking with Mordecai)

CJ: So it's like, I don't wanna put Eileen in this position, but I just can't stand to be around Margaret right now!

Mordecai: Yeah. But it doesn't change the fact that Margaret and Eileen are still friends. She just needs to know that you're still okay with your friendship.

CJ: Yeah, but I know this trip is important to her and everything but, I can't help what you did.

Mordecai: Uhh, well, hey look! What's that light up ahead?

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