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Space Court Room RS

Space Court Room.

Intergalactic Cool Court is where Mordecai and Rigby were sent after becoming "too cool" in the episode "Cool Bikes".


The inside is silver and has raised booths for people to watch the courtroom in. Below are four other chairs - two beanbags for the offenders and two egg chairs for the defense lawyer and Cool Prosecutor. There is also a witness' stand that can teleport witnesses from Earth to the court room. A giant floating chair seats the Cool Judge with the court reporter beside him. Outside, there is a platform where the guards watch out into space, and a satellite can be located there that transports people to different places.

Role in Cool Bikes

Muscle Man is first summoned and makes fun of Mordecai and Rigby by saying that they were losers, but he later admits that they looked cool when the Cool Lawyer threatens to punch him. The Das Coolest worker is summoned and says that they are the coolest guys ever, putting Mordecai and Rigby at stake for the death sentence. Mordecai and Rigby then swear an oath on rare Brain Explosion 45s, hurting their chances of freedom. Benson is last summoned and after being told that he can't lie under oath because it's not cool, he finally admits that Mordecai and Rigby are cool. The judge determines their sentence, which is death, but Benson distracts him and the three escape. They finally make it to the teleporter and before they are teleported back to the Park, Mordecai and Rigby throw the bikes into the satellite, causing the Intergalactic Cool Court to explode. The guys and Gary were the only ones who managed to escape.


  • The people as witnesses from Earth that were teleported were the Das Coolest worker, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, and Benson.
  • When Muscle Man was called as a witness, Hi Five Ghost teleported with him, even though they only called Muscle Man.

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