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Jebediah Townhouse
Jebediah Townhouse
Biographical Information
Species: Human (Wizard)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Hazel
Eye color: Black
Show Information
Voiced by: William Salyers
Appears in: "Terror Tales of the Park III"

Jebediah Townhouse is one of the main antagonists from the episode "Terror Tales of the Park III", who appears in the story "The Previous Owner". He lived 200 years ago in today's park house, because of his way of talking and behaving (he was ahead of his time and talked and behaved like he was in the 1980's) the townsfolk from his time thought that he was a witch and tried to kill him but before they could, he put his soul into the house to wait for 200 years to wait for when everybody was talking and acting like him. When he realised everyone in his time would be long dead by then he vowed to come back in the form of a murderous poltergeist to haunt it and kill whomever is inside the house. 


Before he became a shapeshifting poltergeist, he was a normal human with an 80's haircut, wore a sleeveless white buttoned-up shirt, black suspenders, black baggy pants, and black shoes. In his poltergeist form he can become anything and look like he wants, like growing out of a table, turning into a giant floating head, and more.


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