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Biographical Information
Occupation: Student/Unknown
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Red
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Jeff Bennett
First appearance: "Just Set Up the Chairs"
Latest appearance: "Brain Eraser"

Jimmy is a minor character seen in "Just Set Up the Chairs".


Benson, wanting to cheer up Jimmy who was in a bad mood, told him, "Happy birthday" until Jimmy told Benson to, "Just drive the bus you crazy slop jockey!".

He then runs out of the school bus with the other children when the Destroyer of Worlds tries to kill them all. He was last seen with Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost surrounded by fire around the cliff they are stranded on cheering happily. Jimmy has a cameo appearance in "Brain Eraser" where he was running with other children from a bouncy castle when Mordecai and Rigby ripped a hole in it; this means the park arranged at least two birthday parties for Jimmy or the scene was from "Just Set Up The Chairs."


Jimmy is an obese, red-haired, rude young boy who wears a yellow t-shirt with blue jeans and white tennis shoes. He also wears red straps to hold up his shorts.


"Just Set Up the Chairs"

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