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Johnathan Kimble
Biographical Information
Occupation: Groundskeeper (Formerly)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
First appearance: "Eggscellent"
Latest appearance: "Men in Uniform (cameo)"

Johnathan Kimble was a former groundskeeper at The Park who appeared in a flashback in "Eggscellent". He was obsessed with winning the Eggscellent Challenge. When he picked the wrong hat in the shape of a paper crown after finishing the omelet, he died instantaneously.


Johnathan was a somewhat overweight Caucasian man with black hair and somewhat big lips. He wore a red flannel shirt, blue pants, and a black belt. His appearance looked like a trucker, a supporting reason for why he wanted the hat.


  • He was more obsessed with the Eggscellent Challenge than Rigby was. And he even kept a notebook about the challenge and ways to win it.
  • He was overweight, possibly due to him excessively eating the Eggscellent Challenge every day.
  • He was the first person to win the challenge, but after taking the Eggscellent Challenge, he chose the wrong hat (a paper crown), and as a result, he died.
  • It is unknown how long ago he worked at the park before, although it was probably shortly before Mordecai and Rigby became park workers due to Benson and Skips remembering him fondly. However, a commercial that aired earlier in the episode stated that the Eggscellent Challenge comes every 100 years, so he could have possibly worked at the park over 100 years ago. Whatever the circumstance, Benson still knew him. On a side note, Llama Guy was in the background in the flashback featuring Jonathan Kimble.
  • Benson and Skips found his notebook about his difficulties with the challenge.
  • His name may be a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, John Kimble, from the film The Kindergarten Cop.
  • His name sounds a lot like Jonathan Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel's younger brother. He wrote episodes of South Park for six seasons.
  • Despite his death, he makes a cameo appearance in "Men in Uniform" chasing after the park workers to make fun of them.
  • His name might be a nod to actor J.K. Simmons, whose full name is Jonathan Kimble Simmons.



"Men in Uniform"Edit

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