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Just A Regular Game
Just A Regular Game
Title Screen

Sponsored by

Cartoon Network

Characters Playable

Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, Skips, Lemon Chef


Mordecai and Rigby's bedroom in Pops' House, The Moon, Outside The Park


Beef Burrito, Moon Monster, Destroyer of Worlds


Put The Hurt On Him!, Escape From The Moon, Destroy The Destroyer of Worlds

Based On

The Power

Just Set Up The Chairs

Just A Regular Game is the second Cartoon Network game on Regular Show, preceded by Trash N' Dash, and followed by Nightmare-athon, Winging it and Escape from Ninja Dojo. There are three sections to the game: Put The Hurt On Him, Escape From The Moon, and Destroy The Destroyer. The game is inspired from the episodes "The Power" and "Just Set Up the Chairs".

Put The Hurt on Him

This is the first section of the game. You are Rigby and you have to "Put the Hurt" on Beef Burrito. Beef Burrito will be laying in random spots on Mordecai and Rigby's bedroom floor, then you have to click on Mordecai, and Mordecai will throw Rigby on the trampoline after you move it where you want. Rigby will jump off of the trampoline and land either on the floor or Beef Burrito. If you land on the floor, Rigby will lose energy. If you land on Beef Burrito, you will start automatically punching him and winning points. Then, you'll win an item. The game ends when you lose all of your energy or run out of time. Power ups include cowboy boots, a baseball bat, and a pair of boxing glovers for extra points. A bottle of water restores Rigby's energy, and a clock restores the time on the countdown clock. Two badges are available in this section: To score 80,000 points, and to perform a 3-hit combo on Beef Burrito. Taken from the episode,The Power.

Escape From The Moon

This is the second section of the game. You are driving the golf cart, which Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, and Skips are riding in on the Moon, while trying to avoid (jump over) pitholes, boulders, and other various hazards in your path. If you fall in or hit a hazard, you automatically die from a single hit, because there is no health for the Golf Cart, and you will have to start from the beginning of the level you were last on. There is a number of eight levels to get through, and a number of 99 lives to start from. If you collect Soda Cans, you will earn points. If you collect a Bazooka, you will be able to shoot missiles at obstacles in front of you. Win the game and you will be able to get everyone back home. Also, be careful not to get smashed by Moon Monster. There are two badges available in this section: To get to level 4, and to actually escape from the moon. This is also taken from The Power.

Destroy The Destroyer

This is the third and final section of the game. You play as Mordecai and Rigby and you have to throw rocks at The Destroyer of Worlds' "weak spots", which are various spots on his body indicated by dotted circles. After scoring points, you will receive random items such as a grenades or bananas. You can throw these items at Destroyer Of Worlds. Grenades do more damage, and bananas are thrown in groups of three. Each character (Mordecai and Rigby) receives health, which will go down as the character you're not playing gets burned. The slogan is "YOU GOT BURRRRNED!" when one character loses all his health. At the top right of the screen, Skips will come to Mordecai and Rigby's rescue with a golf cart strapped with arcade games, which in turn creates a pixelated robot called the Lemon Chef designed to destroy the Destroyer of Worlds for good. You can take control of him and shoot "pixelated flaming hamburgers" from his hands against the Destroyer of Worlds' flames, eventually when you defeat the Destroyer of Worlds and when you win the game you get a cherry as an award. There are two badges available in this section; one for defeating Destroyer of Worlds and a Mystery Badge which will be awarded for hitting the Destroyer of Worlds with a certain number of grenades. When you switch players, the player you currently are gains health.


  • Burrito Buster: Score 80,000 points in Put the Hurt on Him
  • Big Beef Combo: Get a 3-Hit combo in Put the Hurt on Him
  • Lunar Driver: Beat Level 4 in Escape from the Moon
  • I Have the Power: Actually Escape from the Moon
  • Game Over: Beat Destroy the Destroyer
  • Grenadier: Use all grenades (Mystery Badge)


Trivia and Hints

  • The sections in the game are based on the "The Power" (Put the Hurt On Him and Escape the Moon) and "Just Set Up the Chairs" (Destroy the Destroyer).
  • Hint: Destroy the Destroyer is where you get the mystery badge.
  • The app was upgraded to Just a Regular Arcade.