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Killer Z's is the eleventh Regular Show game released on the
Untitled (17)

The Title Screen

Cartoon Network website. The story of the game narrates that Mordecai and Rigby are playing a video game and Rigby has the high score. Mordecai thinks this is not cool and stays up late to try and beat his score. But he eventually falls asleep and in his dreams, he must get a magic amulet to defeat his friends, who are actually the enemies, in his dream and if he doesn't beat the game, he will be stuck in the dream world forever. There are eleven levels and a tutorial level. The objectives of the game are to finish the levels and beat the Hi Five Ghost Boss and the Rigby Boss.


  • Number One: Beat Rigby Boss
  • High Five Down: Defeat High Five Thousand
  • Got The Tools: Get all upgrades
  • Make it Rain: Collect 10,000 money
  • You Are Hired!: Defeat 30 Benson Shouters
  • Clean The House: Mystery Badge: Kill all enemies in a level


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