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The Land of No Rules is a place seen in House Rules. As its name suggests, it's a place where rules do not exist. There are no rules against punchies, video games, prank calls, and there's even no rule against gravity. The No Rules Man lived here and took Mordecai and Rigby here by taking them through a box filled with trash bags in a dark alley. It is the only known way to get there, but there may be more ways, although this has not been proven. There is a way to escape the land, as the man showed M&R the way to escape, though it never showed them escaping because after that part the scene changed back to Benson's office. Other people like the Unicorns lived here, but Mordecai and Rigby made them all disappear by showing rules from Benson's House Rules. It is unknown if the land still exists since No Rules Man exploded.


The land has a greenish-brownish ground and is filled with much wide and open space, though some dark clouds and mountains can be seen in the background. There is a box filled with trash bags in a dark alley that when jumped in, the person will fall through a big hole lined with trash bags, which leads to the land.

Former Residents

A list of the people that lived here before Mordecai and Rigby made them all disappear:

  • No Rules Man (exploded at the end of the episode when he saw Rule 117 - No video games)
  • Unicorns (exploded in a blue mess when M&R showed Rule 37 - No unicorns)
  • Punchies Parade (exploded when M&R said "no punchies")
  • Dude (He was in the Punchies Parade. When the parade tried to kill Mordecai and Rigby, he wasn't in the parade, so he didn't explode)
  • Jeffy ( Was seen in the Punchies Parade and exploded with it)
  • Kevin (He and his phone booth exploded when M&R said "no prank calls")
  • Future Mordecai ( He is fat and bald and has a white beard and hair. He got ran over by the Unicorns' go-kart)
  • Giant Rock, Paper, Scissors Arm (Came out of nowhere when everybody was chasing Mordecai and Rigby. Exploded when they said "no rock, paper, scissors)
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Players (Appeared when Mordecai saw them but were replaced by the Giant Rock, Paper, Scissors Arm when everybody tried to kill Mordecai and Rigby)


  • The No Rules Man was possibly the founder of this land, though it is unknown.
  • Rule #117, no video games, is a reference to Spartan 117 from the video game series Halo.

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