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This is a list of characters who only appear in one or two episodes. This includes very minor characters.

Season 1 Edit

  • Wizard: He used to own The Power until Rigby stole it, as seen in Skips Strikes and Dodge This, he is a member of the Super Natural sports team "The Magical Elements"
  • Moon Baby Ducks: Rigby sent these to the moon alongside a monster, soda machine and more.
  • Beef Burrito: This is Rigby's wrestling doll. He is seen playing with it in The Power.
  • Destroyer of Worlds: This is the antagonist of Just Set Up the Chairs, it is from a video game of the same name and it shoots fire lasers out of it's eyes. It returns in Exit 9B and Expert or Liar.
  • Lemon Chef: This is the outcome of all of the arcade games in the park, it defeated the Destroyer of Worlds.
  • Special Entertainment: This is a drunk clown and horse, who were going to do some sort of show for a birthday party in Just Set Up the Chairs.
  • Jimmy (boy): Jimmy is an ignorant rude boy who's birthday was in Just Set Up the Chairs. His birthday is ruined after the Destroyer of Worlds destroys the park, but it eventually gets fixed. He also calls Benson a 'greasy slop jockey'.
  • Coffee Bean: A giant coffee bean who is a Fist Pump fan. He gave Mordecai and Rigby lots of coffee so they would have enough energy to work overtime and pay for tickets for them, him and his translator.
  • Translator: This guy translates every thing that the Coffee Bean says, he knows how to use a chainsaw.
  • Fist Pump: One of Rigby's favorite childhood bands, they were put into jail and rehab for an unknown reason but now have gotten out. They were seen in Caffeinated Concert Tickets and had reappear in Butt Dial, Caveman and K.I.L.I.T. Radio.
  • Slasher: Margaret's first boyfriend in the show, he works out a lot and insulted Mordecai for being out of shape, after this, Margaret presumably broke up with him.
  • Llama Guy: He seems to know Mordecai and is a fan of Fist Pump.
  • Ticket Booth Worker: He sold Fist Pump V.I.P. Tickets to Mordecai and Rigby. He sells regular tickets for $50 each and V.I.P. tickets for $200 each.
  • Sensai: The Death-Kwon Do sensei who owns a sandwich shop called Death Kwon Do: Pizza and Subs. He has been seen in Death Punchies, Sandwich of Death, The Thanksgiving Special and Death Kwon Do-Livery.
  • Wedding Guard: He was seen in Free Cake at a wedding, he wouldn't let Mordecai and Rigby in because they were only there for cake.
  • Hot Dogs: The hot dogs were cannibals who wanted to eat Mordecai, Rigby and their friends for eating other hot dogs, but once Rigby squirted Mustard on them all, they started eating each other.
  • Astronauts: A couple of astronauts who work at the compound, they gave Mordecai & Rigby a tour around the compound in Grilled Cheese Deluxe but got ticked when they found out they were lying. They reappeared in Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special where one astronaut's name was revealed to be Barry.
  • Dr. Asinovskovich: A doctor who Mordecai lied about when saying he got a pink sweater from her.
  • Major Williams: The captain of the compound.
  • Jimmy (scientist): A scientist in Grilled Cheese Deluxe who had problems with some anti-matter.
  • Cheezer's Cashier: A cashier who works at Cheezers, she believes that Mordecai & Rigby are astronauts, she is seen again in Trash Boat where she laughs at Rigby.
  • Unicorns: A bunch of jerk unicorns who made fun of Mordecai.
  • The Master Prank Caller: A giant phone who makes prank calls and has only been prank-called once, by Mordecai. He reappeared in Exit 9B.
  • Don (character): Don is Rigby's little brother who Rigby used to hate, but now loves. He gives people a special hug that he calls 'Sugar'. He was seen in Don, Bank Shot and The Thanksgiving Special.
  • Audit: The audit tried to take everything away from the park after Pops payed the park's taxes with lollipops instead of money.
  • Bodybuilder: The bodybuilder was a strong man who worked out, but he worked out too hard, so his body left him, so he got a basketball for a body.
  • Future Mordecai and Future Rigby: The future versions of Mordecai and Rigby, they were rockstars, but Mordecai and Rigby stopped that after learning that they were just lip-syncing.
  • Angel: Margaret's second boyfriend in the show, he was in a gig and won. Making Margaret want to date him. It's unknown about what happened, but they were not together in the next episode. He returned in Trash Boat.

Season 2 Edit

  • Teacher: A maths teacher at a local college, who kicked Rigby out of school in More Smarter and passed Eileen in Video 101.
  • Black Hole Monster: A monster who tried to destroy the park after suck up everything after Mordecai and Rigby tie 100 times in Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Warden of the Internet: A woman in a screen who hates viral videos.
  • Wedgie Ninja: A ninja who gives people wedgies.
  • Road Hog: A driving pig who crashes a car.
  • Old Man Horseshoes: An old man who has horseshoes for hands and gets struck by lightning.
  • Were-Skunk: A kid who got sprayed by a skunk and turned into a skunk.
  • Carrey O'Key: A guy with a ponytail who wants to keep embarrassing footage of Mordecai and Rigby.
  • Carl: A bouncer who tries to get rid of Mordecai and Rigby.

Season 3 Edit

  • Chong: A stick hockey expert who killed Benson's old apprentice.
  • Dave: Benson's old apprentice for Stick Hockey. He got his head chopped off.
  • Blonde Men: A group of blonde people, Mordecai wore a wig and joined them once.
  • Bowling Announcer: An employee at the bowling place who hates magic.
  • Percy: Pops' old doll. He likes to draw on people's faces. It's unknown if he exists, as he only appeared in a story in Terror Tales of the Park.
  • Skull Punch: A British rock band, who aren't good at playing music, they died a long time ago but abandoned their trailer.
  • Scottie: A friend of Muscle Man's who invites people to crash pit crashes. He reappeared in Terror Tales of the Park III and Men in Uniform.
  • Halloween Wizard: A wizard who turned Rigby into a house, then killed all his friends so he could throw eggs at him. He is fictional and made up by Rigby.
  • Stag-Man: A deer like man who doesn't like his habitat to be distracted.
  • Park Ranger: A character who doesn't like people using restricted areas.
  • God of Basketball: A basketball-headed man who knows a lot about basketball. He first appeared in Slam Dunk then later appeared in Bank Shot.
  • Broseph Chillaxton: A judge of all things cool. He sentenced Mordecai and Rigby to death.
  • Cool Prosecutor: Broseph's assistant, who puts the witnesses under pressure.
  • Das Coolest Employee: An employee at a clothes store who thinks Mordecai and Rigby are cool for giving him a load of money.
  • No Rules Man: A man who disagrees with any rules. He even lives in No Rules Land.
  • Future Mordecai: A version of Mordecai from the far future of No Rules Land, he has nobody because something had happened to Rigby.
  • Gunther: A guy who owns a bench, he does not like people sitting on it.
  • Margaret's Boss: The boss of the coffee shop.
  • CrewCrew: A group of rappers, which consists of:
    • Alpha-Dog: The leader.
    • Blitz Comet: He beats Big Trouble in a rap battle.
    • Demel-Ishun: The only female in CrewCrew.
    • V-Tron: The member of the crew who handles the music. 
    • Francois: A rapper who doesn't seem to do anything in Rap It Up.
  • Big Trouble: A rival rapper of CrewCrew.
  • Trash: A girl who Mordecai and Rigby pick up to get their numbers.
  • Scabitha: Another girl who the two pick up for their numbers. She reappears in Pie Contest and she bakes a disgusting pie.
  • Manslaughter: The boyfriend of Scabitha.
  • Bloodshed: The boyfriend of Scabitha.
  • Chad "Ironchest": A man who pretended to be Margaret's boyfriend so Mordecai would get jealous.
  • Tuck Packard: A man who pretended to be Eileen's boyfriend so Rigby would get jealous.
  • Park Avenue: A spray can man with a hood, he graffiti'd the park.
  • Chuck: Audrey's ex-boyfriend.
  • Benson's Family: Benson has two parents and a sister. They all like to yell.
  • Techmo: Formerly Samson, Techmo is a mechanic/storm chaser. He's friends with Skips.
  • Doom Ma Geddon: A computer virus that took over Techmo and caused him to almost kill everybody.
  • Phone Guardians: A group of messaging systems (an answering machine, tin cans with a string, chalkboard, a signal fire and a bottle) They have sentenced Mordecai twice (once for attempting to hack into Margaret's phone and another time for spamming).

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