Lolliland is a pink planet located in the Universe. It is the birthplace of both Pops and Anti-Pops. The planet exists as the battleground between Pops and Anti-Pops, which occurs every 14 billion years. It is also known as "Pop's Favorite Planet" as it's first appearance occurred in that episode.


Lolliland is pink in colour, with various shades of pink scattered across its surface. On the surface, there are numerous shards of pink rock, ranging from small, to gigantic. The planet seemed to harbor a sizable society, with evidence of a city/town once existing on the planet, such as the ruins of a burger robot, the Lolliland Amphitheater/Colosseum, as well as destroyed aircraft and ruined Roman-like pillars.

Lolliland seems to possess an atmosphere similar to Earth, as all the characters are able to breathe comfortably on the planet.

It is possible that the official currency of Lolliland is the lollipop, as seen in various previous episodes where Pops attempts to pay people using lollipops (as seen in Ello Gov'nor).


Lolliland Amphitheater

The Lolliland Amphitheater is a large Colosseum situated on the planet. It serves as the starting point of the battle between Pops and Anti-Pops. It has 3 tiers, and is designed similarly to the Colosseum in Rome. Certain sections of the Amphitheater is destroyed, possibly as a result of the previous battles between Pops and Anti-Pops.

The Hall of Tapestries

The Hall of Tapestries is a hall which contains the results of all the previous battles between Pops and Anti-Pops, as well as the history of the planet. Each battle or section of history is recorded on a tapestry, which is then hung in the hall. The hall acts as a record of every battle that has been waged on the planet.

National Anthem

The planet has its own national anthem called "Oh, Lolliland". It was always sung before every battle between Pops and Anti-Pops. "Oh, Lolliland, Oh Lolliland, our fathers fuel and dust. With people strong through nine miles long with hearts that you can trust. Despite the Titans battles, she stands through thick and thin. Oh, Lolliland, Oh, Lolliland, may good or evil win."

Notable Residents

The only known residents of Lolliland are:

  • Frivola Kranus
  • Quadravi Kranus
  • Weird Mushroom Guy
  • The Guardian of Lolliland
  • Eggum Kranus

Episode Appearances


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